If you aren’t a GenY Facebook user, or any generation FB user, and are planning a foray into social media for the purpose of becoming a ‘known’ entity, or making your company or brand a known entity, Prepare Yourself. Facebook isn’t all that it seems. And it is more. I know. Confusing.

Time Magazine Person of the Year

Well, really, who else could it be? Person of the year, I mean.  Mark Zuckerberg, one of the youngest billionaires in the country, if not the world, since history began keeping up with billionaires. The brain behind Facebook and its 500 million users. We’re told he is the brains behind Facebook, although he may not be the brains behind the idea of facebook. See Winklevoss Twins Video below

Lev Grossman, writing for Time, gets into the conversation about the movie. There is so much controversy there! (to which he isn’t going to contribute via Time).

He describes the movie, The Social Network, as

a rich, dramatic portrait of a furious, socially handicapped genius who spits corrosive monologues in a monotone to hide his inner pain.  This character bears almost no resemblance to the actual Mark Zuckerberg.

The reality is much more complicated.

Translation: See the movie for details.

While he writes in glowing terms about how Zuckerberg’s co-workers really like him, he also includes remarks like

His default expression is a direct and slightly wide-eyed stare that makes you wonder if you’ve got a spider on your forehead.

Translation: You can almost see it on the Time cover, but really, you’ve gotta see the movie for this!

Grossman comes back with more of the nice stuff

… Zuckerberg loves being around people.  He didn’t build Facebook so he could have a social life like the rest of us.  He built it because he wanted the rest of us to have his.

italics mine

Perhaps because I’m not GenY, I don’t find Facebook very sociable

I’m thinking maybe I don’t want the social life of Zuckerberg . . .  I long for a glass of wine and a quiet conversation where people aren’t interrupting for texts or phone calls, or to check in on Facebook and Twitter.

In the social life he grants me (Facebook)  I read narcissistic banter that details minutia

… Almond milk for breakfast.  Can’t get enough.

and announces new friends

… Billy Bob is now friends with JC, Onjolina, Ricky Ricardo and 19 others …

And, then, when I question one of my daughters on a remark she made on Facebook, her response is

Why are you Facebook Stalking me?  That’s Facebook stuff, that’s not real life stuff.


So here we are, Non GenY Facebookers, counting the likes on our Pages like teenagers reading remarks in a slambook. (I’m a child of the sixties, what can I tellya?) And we are thinking we are going to ride the Facebook wave to our own version of 500,000,000 users.

Lately I’m thinking, maybe not.

We should be realistic about what we expect from Facebook.  It isn’t sales nirvana.  It isn’t going to be your online retail outlet.

It can only be the connection YOU form with the people you come across.  And then, you can only introduce yourself, your company, or your brand.  Or all three as the case may be. Whether or not the people you introduce yourself to befriend you, listen to you, and eventually wander over to your website and purchase your wares . . . That is a known unknown. Unless, of course, you sell Almond milk!

Zuckerberg wants you to have his social experience. Given a choice, I’d rather have his money.

Other Former Facebook Players I met in the movie

The Real Winklevoss Twins Defend “The Social Network”

YouTube Video of the tall, good-looking twins promoting The Social Network. Interesting to see the real deal.

Sean Parker in Vanity Fair

In a recent article in Vanity Fair, Sean Parker’s life is described as

a cycle of vertiginous triumph followed by humiliating failure . . . and himself as the hard-partying, press-shy genius of social networking, a budding billionaire, and about to be famous.

about to be famous??  Are you kiddin’ me? Maybe the VF author isn’t GenY either.

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