What would you do if you had the training that would put your business on steroids?

Read this in its entirety to find out how you can get some substantial bonuses with your purchase from both Brian and Mario and myself.

I’m writing to tell you about a new WSO being offered by Brian Anderson and Mario Brown, their “Offline Marketing Crash Course” because so many of you have asked me for a source for Custom iframe Facebook Pages.

This isn’t just a source. This is your business on steroids with a ten week training course, with specific detail to Custom FaceBook Pages and other social media.

Get it here: Offline Marketing Crash Course

Here is the content list for their latest WSO:

  • Introductory Video
  • Surveying the Local Marketing Landscape Video
  • Google Places Basics – 101 Video
    • 41 minute video from Google
    • Narration provided to complement the Google Video
  • Full copy of 2011 Experts Guide – Google Places Cheat Sheet ver. 9 – One of the Leading Google Places WSO’s
  • Comprehensive Webinar Training Series
  • Webinar 1: Starting Your Business Right
  • Webinar 2 and 3: Selling to the Local Business
  • How to Identify and Sell to Prospects
  • Detailed Pricing Strategies
  • Webinar 4, 5, 6, 7 Google Places
  • Beginners Guide
  • Advanced Theories
  • Fundamentals of Organic SEO
  • Exploring Effective Linking
  • Webinar 8: Social Media for the Local Business
  • Webinar 9: Outsourcing
  • Webinar 10: Integrating Everything into a Viable Business

Fabulous Bonuses (ALL)

  • Service Agreement & Customer Contract
  • Proposal Template PPT Presentation Template
  • WordPress Theme for Your Business

Special Incentive for Existing Clients of Brian and Mario:

I have it on good authority that several of these gifts are customized to your specifications . . . (and my WSO iframe how to for Custom Facebook Pages was source material for the techs he trained for this promotion. Perhaps you get my drift . . . .)

Get it while it is hot, I don’t know how high the price will go, but this is a must have!  And, you’ll receive “Twitter Tools and Tactics” ahead of the crowd as my thank you.

Get it Now:  Offline Marketing Crash Course