I’m not so sure about the Wall Street Journal going social on Facebook . . . Really, if you read the WSJ, you know where to get it, you know how to get it.  It is sort of offputting for me that the Wall Street Journal is developing a Facebook page of articles that are chosen by facebook users who like articles . . . WSJ Social

I guess I still don’t take Zuck and the Facebook as seriously as I should; I certainly don’t see the Wall Street Journal holding hands with them and developing WSJ Social for facebookers. Is a paradox for sure.

Facebook for fun.

WSJ for serious.

This is big enough news that it is being covered by a lot of heavy hitters – I found it on Forbes.Com.

Jeff Bercovici, Forbes Staff cuts to the chase

The more of their time consumers spend on Facebook and other social networking hubs, the less they have left over for news sites.”

I understand the ad revenue is being broken up by inside the frame and outside. Zuckncompany get the ad revenue on the outer edges of the page; the Journal gets ad revenue inside the box.

Ahh, its about money.  So now I understand, but really, I still don’t care for the idea very much.