On Page SEO

Tons of keywords packed into a page may encourage a search engine to serve your site up as a search result, but if your page isn’t relevant to the reader, or even easy to read, what is the use of getting the traffic?  If they aren’t buying your product, or even staying long enough to get to know your brand you’ve accomplished nothing.

We’ve all gone to pages (even if only for a few seconds) and seen that they are keyword dense and totally unreadable.  Perhaps they were full of  ads, or directed you to another site, but they were NOT the page you expected, and did not have the information you wanted.

So the crux is if you have beautifully written, informative content that no one will read because the search engines haven’t discovered it, or if you have a crappy page that the search engines are sending traffic to, you’re screwed.  Either way, your brand isn’t getting the attention you want it to have and the difference is properly scripted Onpage SEO combined with well written content.

SEO + rich content is like a well choreographed dance

Consider this analogy if you will, your page needs an ambiance, an environment for your readers.  White space, typography, appealing graphics.  These things engage your reader’s eye and will keep them on your page long enough for them to begin reading your text. Presuming that your text, your content, is engaging, intelligent, or humorous, or all of those, your readers will read your copy, and respond to your brand.

Like every couple you see on So You think You Can Dance, and every chorus line you see performing in Vegas, you need well placed dips, sways and steps that merge with the music and become art.  Your page requires a judicious and natural use of SEO tools.

What this means to you in SEO terms is that you use headers wisely, and apply italics and bold features to your keywords in the natural flow of your writing.

Bring your SEO components together gracefully

Google, Bing, and Yahoo presume, rightfully, that words that are important to your content, keywords, will be used pretty liberally in your text, and they will be highlighted or emphasized as a method of showing your audience your meaning.  And so they look for those hints that your content is rich with keywords, and they are emphatic in your delivery.  They’re taking in every italic or bold code and running it through their particular exercise.

I’m presuming you know there are other criteria above and beyond OnPage SEO (and this list is by no means comprehensive or complete):

  • the age of your domain (how long it has been around)
  • the length of time your domain is registered for (one year may mean that’ s  all you can afford, but search engines see it as a scam waiting to happen and then disappear in a year)
  • the keyword content in your domain name
  • Backlinks, a Google favorite that can have a huge impact in Google searches, but on Yahoo, not so much.
  • Properly named images that support your overall OnPage SEO plan

If you are looking for SEO help with posts or pages you’ve already written, or would like content written for your keywords, we are available to help you with those projects.  We use only writers with English as a first language, US based writers who understand the vernacular and can write intelligent, understandable copy that gets your message across and utilizes the best practices for your successful OnPage SEO.

Prices for SEO copy writing and SEO copy editing vary.  Send me an email (traci@tracigregory.com) and let me know what you have in mind.  I’d love to help you.