Dan Slater writes in the Wall Street Journal LAW BLOG: Bear Fund Managers Get Good Draw, Sizing Up Judge Block So, Justice Carries a Swift Sword?  We’ll See – Curiously, a poster named “Anonymous”, says “the sub-prime mess  . . . has plenty of people who deserve fines and jail time . . . BUT these guys are not the scapegoats we need.” Well, gee, they thought up the hedge funds, created them, bought the mortgage backed securities, and then (!) CIOFFI was charged with insider trading for moving TWO MILLION DOLLARS OF HIS MONEY out of the fund . . . leaving institutional investors in the fund with no warning . . . when they knew the fund was in danger. They may not be the scapegoats we NEED, but it certainly appears they need to be in front of a judge for the way they ran the funds!