Clumsy Direct Message Interface

How to twitter: #NewNewTwitter

How to TwitterI’ve finally gotten the #newnewtwitter, and I really, really like it.

Except for what they’ve done to direct messages.

NewNewTwitter is slick and sexy and fast.  It has been simplified somewhat, although I do still have to look for some things after having it for a week or two.

But direct messages are a task.

Early Reviews for tweet•ease, the book

How to Twitter tweet-ease, the bookLaunching a book title on New Years Eve may not have been the best plan in the world, but I wanted to get it done and over before 2012!

Early Reviews from Twitter

Early reviews were encouraging, and I’m really happy to exploit them!

How to Twitter: #newnewtwitter Changes

How to Twitter#newnewtwitter

Since this isn’t their first design shakeup, the hashtag for the latest Twitter version is #newnewtwitter. When Twitter came out with #newtwitter I got it almost before I heard about it.  With #newnewtwitter, it has been a week, and I still don’t have it on the web. I’ve seen it flash on my account and disappear with a mouseclick.

How To Twitter and Why

How to TwitterHow to Twitter and Why Everyone Should: 3 Great Reasons

I’ve been doing a lot of research about Twitter lately – Tweets, Tools, Tweeps, Twits – I’m not quite the ‘Social Media Scientist’ Dan Zarrella is, but I am researching methods for a Twitter book and am so pleased with my results, I didn’t want to save it all for the book. Beyond numbers of followers (we all want more) and writing gigs (I want more) there are the friendships that arise unexpectedly, seemingly from nowhere.

Klout Score comes with perks

Klout ScoreHaving Klout means perks

Aside from the obvious perks that are listed on the Klout website (and this is just a small sample) there are unannounced perks companies are willing to bestow after they check your Klout score.

HoverMe: Social Profiles

Hover Me Social ProfilesHoverMe

HoverMe is an add-on for Twitter developed by Ed Orcutt.  If you hover over a twitter profile, HoverMe displays the other social networks the user belongs to.  The other networks are clickable, and you’re able to investigate much deeper than the twitter profile offers, which is typically just a website.

Tacky Twitter Tools: How Big is your e-penis

1MM Twitter Applications

Twitter recently commented that they now have over 1,000,000 Twitter applications, and have put up a new Twitter Developer website to accommodate all those developers out there working feverishly to make new twitter applications.

I decided to investigate all of the twitter tools I could actually find, and that was 629. I didn’t do this research alone, I had to have help. And while 629 is a far cry from a million, it is a large number of tools to evaluate on your own to see if there are tools you could be using to grow your business.

How to embed a tweet into a wordpress post or a website

How to TwitterYou’ve seen those emphatic twitter status posts all over the internet. How do you embed a tweet into your site?

RT @yoda The place where the force is. Tweet I will. Yessss. @IamNessaroxWed Jul 13 01:05:04 via web


Twitter released Blackbird, a tool to “quote” a Tweet by using the status identifier and some html (a lot of html actually) that you then place into a WordPress post or elsewhere.
Before it was take a screenshot, edit the image, upload . . . time consuming.

To Use the Blackbird tool

(I don’t care for it; a 8 tedious steps) They are:

  1. Copy the full URL of a tweet (
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the input text field
  4. Paste the URL
  5. Click on “Bake it”
  6. Click on the text area where the HTML code is created
  7. Select all text (press ctrl+a or cmd+a on a Mac)
  8. Copy (ctrl+c or cmd+c on a Mac)

Then paste the code wherever you want the status. The only thing I can say is it is better than a screenshot that you have to edit

Better is the Publitweet Bookmarklet, which you can use from your bookmarks

  1. Go to the URL of a tweet (!/AlecBaldwin/status/91483756870909952)
  2. Click on the bookmarklet (which you’ve installed from the link above)
  3. Copy (press ctrl+c or cmd+c on a Mac)
  4. Paste it where ever you want it

Here’s what it looks like (it will adapt to your css, it won’t throw off your template):

@alejodorowsky ….my advice is to have the orgasm of the soul. Then, light two cigarettes and take your soul to the movies.Thu Jul 14 12:26:41 via Twitter for iPhone

Best is the Blackbird Plugin IF it will work with your webhost.

After you install the plugin, you get the status ID from twitter and embed the blackbird id in your post. Quick, one line input. But there are some problems with Twitter (Can’t explain why . . . haven’t figured it out )

To get the status ID number, click on the TIME on any tweet; you’ll get a page with just that tweet. Pick up the URL, or ID Number, or use the Blackbird Bookmarklet on that page.

I like that the bookmarklet changes the “2 mins ago” to the actual date the tweet was done.

1MM twitter applications: R U Kidding Me?

how to twitter

1,000,000 twitter applications and growing?

Twitter reported today, July 11, that they now have more than 1 million registered third-party Twitter applications. That is up from 150,000 registered applications one year ago. They say there are more than 750,000 developers world-wide in their developer community. I hope they aren’t counting people like me, who’ve added hovercards and a twitter box to my website as a ‘twitter developer.’

If they are counting people like us who’ve added tricks to our websites, these numbers are grossly overstated . . . but with quotes like this one, ya kinda have to consider my website may be one of the million+ applications.

from the official twitter blog

“A new app is registered every 1.5 seconds, fueling a spike in ecosystem growth in the areas of analytics, curation and publisher tools.”

In conjunction with the announcement, Twitter is also releasing a new Twitter Developer site.

I think I’ll release the “Definitive Guide to Twitter . . . How to Find Your Way around 1,000,000 Twitter applications, and which ones will really do something for you!”

How to add Twitter @Anywhere to your Website or WordPress Blog

It may or may not have occurred to you to add the @Anywhere application to your website or WordPress Blog.

At first blush, the idea of having your own tweet box from which people may ‘tweet’ doesn’t make sense.  Only if you have some incredible content that they want to tweet immediately, would there be a reason for it, and then, lets be realistic, there are all those tweet-this applications that don’t take up nearly so much room in your real estate!

@Anywhere Twitter Application

Twitter describes adding @Anywhere as adding  “open, engaging interactions providing a new layer of value for visitors without sending them to”

I don’t see going to as being that difficult, and as I said before there are “tweet this” tools all over the net the size of the little guy to your right. So, what else has it got apart from the tweet box?

There are a couple of linking tricks that come with @Anywhere, and my favorite is the hover box that you get with every twitter address you include in your text. Check them out (Mouse over them)


Twitter’s full list of benefits is small

  • Embed a Tweet Box on your site and help your users share what matters to them. Push your content throughout Twitter–from to Google search; from SMS to the tens of thousands of apps.
  • Seamlessly activate Hovercards wherever you mention a Twitter account. Form long-lasting relationships that follow users throughout Twitter. Twitter
  • Connect provides simple Sign In for tens of millions of engaged users. Access a network made of interests: not just friends, but news sources and businesses small and large.

So there you have it.  The Twitter Connect is an obvious rival to Facebook Connect, and really, I don’t care how I log in to some things, if I just don’t have to create ANOTHER log-in to keep up with.  Twitter, Facebook, really, one is as good as the other, as long as the place I’m signing in to doesn’t require access to either my Facebook or Twitter account.  Then, more than likely, I’m going to just close that window and not explore their site.

Here is how to add @Anywhere to your website or wordpress blog

I have to admit, I think this Hovercards thing they have going on is sexy.  Try the live ones up above (I always wanted Alec Baldwin on my blog . . . ) The one below is a screenshot.

Tweet Box The Tweet box provides a way for users to Tweet directly from your website. To add it we must first review the different configuration options:

  • counter – displays a character counter. Default is true.
  • height – height of the Tweet box. Default is 133px.
  • width – weight of the Tweet box. Default is 515px.
  • label – title of the Tweet box. Default is “What’s Happening?”.
  • defaultContent – pre-populated tweet content.

Next up: quick steps to add just Twitter @Anywhere hovercards.

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