Whose best interests are being served? Yours? or theirs?

Web Design: 5 questions to ask before you Hire a specialist

Are you getting good web advice?Unfortunately, in my business, I get called in a lot when web design projects aren’t going like they are supposed to. People who have jumped onto the internet bandwagon, bought a site, or had one built, and aren’t getting what they wanted from it.

These are the things that I’ve experienced with my clients, and you ought to run screaming (well maybe just run) in the opposite direction if you hear these words spoken.  And for sure, you should put your checkbook away and save your money.

Matt Cutts: Speed, internal links and CMS optimized and Social Media for SEO

If you were an in-house SEO of an advanced level, within a large corporation, what 3 things would you make sure you had included in your 2011 strategy?

Matt Cutts, of Google, includes Social Media as one of his big three.

SEO Back Links

If you think back links don’t work to make a site move higher in search results, consider this, excerpted from The New York Times article, The Dirty Little Secrets of Search.

It says in part

The company [JC Penney] bested millions of sites — and not just in searches for dresses, bedding and area rugs. For months, it was consistently at or near the top in searches for “skinny jeans,” “home decor,” “comforter sets,” “furniture” and dozens of other words and phrases, from the blandly generic (“tablecloths”) to the strangely specific (“grommet top curtains”).

This striking performance lasted for months, most crucially through the holiday season, when there is a huge spike in online shopping. J. C. Penney even beat out the sites of manufacturers in searches for the products of those manufacturers. Type in “Samsonite carry on luggage,” for instance, and Penney for months was first on the list, ahead of Samsonite.com.

Doug Pierce of Blue Fountain Media in New York, was asked by the Times to analyze the search results and talk about the methodolgy.  He reported:

Actually, it’s the most ambitious attempt I’ve ever heard of,” he said. “This whole thing just blew me away. Especially for such a major brand.

Pierce found 2,015 pages with text links that led back to ‘Jacques Pennyea.’

Someone paid to have thousands of links placed on hundreds

of sites scattered around the Web, all of which lead directly to JCPenney.com.

A spokeswoman for J. C. Penney, Darcie Brossart, says it was not Penney.  Of course she did.  Penney did, however, fire their seo firm.

Why would they cheat? Google serves it up as first choice, we click.  Is that simple

A study last May by Daniel Ruby of Chitika, an online advertising network of 100,000 sites, found that, on average, 34 percent of Google’s traffic went to the No. 1 result, about twice the percentage that went to No. 2.

That drive to be number 1 shows up in our desire to ‘dominate’ the search results we’re on.

When Black Hat Specialist Mark Stevens (a psuedonym) was asked about his activity in link building activity prohibited by Google,  he replied, in part:

…Google is amazing. But in commercial searches, Google’s results are really polluted. My own personal experience says that the guy with the biggest S.E.O. budget always ranks the highest.”

And that, in a nutshell is why “black hat” firms prosper.  Those links work.


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Internet 101: Flash vs. HTML

10 Essential WordPress PlugIns for the Bones of your WordPress Blog

You’ve begun to blog – do you know the PlugIns you really need to keep your blog working the way you want it to work?

RockStar Buzz recommends these PlugIns be installed before you begin to publish.  If you’re already publishing, check the list to see if they’ll help you maintain your site optimally.

Broken Link Checker Author: Janis Elsts

Monitors your blog looking for broken links.  Do you want to go through your 404 error reports?  Nah . . . You want to click on a link on your dashboard and correct the errors you find on the Broken Link Checker report.



Login LockdownAuthor: Michael VanDeMar

If you’ve ever had your blog hacked and seen things you didn’t put up, things you don’t want on your blog, or worse, watched your blog disappear to a virus, you may have already heard of Login Lockdown.

If not, you’re a lucky person, and you can get this plugin before anything happens to your blog that you don’t intend.

Plugin homepage



PS Disable Auto Formatting Author: Hitoshi Omagari

Do you hate WordPress automatic formatting?  Hate trying to fix the html?  Just want to blog, and be done with it?

This is the ticket!

PS Disable Auto Formatting stops automatic formatting of WordPress cold  and modifies the html source generated by the visual editor.



Secure WordPress Author: Frank Bültge

Secures your blog in a myriad of ways.  Removes error-information on login-page; adds index.php plugin-directory, removes the wp-version, removes Really Simple Discovery, removes Windows Live Writer, removes core update,  plugin-update, and theme-update information, and  fhides wp-version in backend-dashboard for non-admins.

PlugIn Homepage is in German . . . English translation is wordpress download page above.



Tiny MCE Advanced Author: Andrew Ozz

This plugin adds Advanced HR, Advanced Image, Advanced Link, Context Menu, Emotions (Smilies), Date and Time, IESpell, Layer, Nonbreaking, Print, Search and Replace, Style, Table, Visual Characters and XHTML Extras.

Plugin Homepage



Google Analyticator Author: Ronald Heft

Google Analyticator adds Google Analytics lcode to your WordPress blog, eliminating the need to edit your template (and eliminating the possibility that you’ll kill your theme, or expose your code, or both!  Yes, this is the voice of experience – I’ve screwed up my blogs a thousand different ways . .  )

Plugin Homepage »



WP Database Backup Author: filosofo

I dunno if you’ve ever lost you entire blog – perhaps a year or more of work . . . In my case it was several years . . . Don’t risk it!

Get WP-DB-Backup, schedule the backups for the frequency with with you add posts, have it email the backup file to you.

No, I don’t trust my backups to the server . . . I’ve a dedicated server at GoDaddy, and I email my backups to myself.  That means I have them, and I can get my work back if it disappears.  And yes, Virginia, it can disappear without a trace.

Plugin Homepage »



WP Spamfree Authors: WP-SpamFree, WebGeek

I know, Akismet comes with WordPress . . . I happen to prefer WP-Spamfree.  Is powerful and almost entirely eliminates blog comment spam, including trackback and pingback spam.

And, there is a counter that  keeps track of all the spam it has blocked.  I assure you, it will be a staggering number relatively quickly.

Plugin Homepage »



WP Page Numbers Author: Jens Törnell

Readers move around easily with page numbers – improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well, which is always good, by creating a better inner link structure.

Plugin Homepage »



FeedBurner Feedsmith

You can’t download this plugin from WordPress, but have to go to Google and create there.

Your blog has an RSS Feed now, FeedBurner will dress it up, give you tons of ways to publicize your blog via your feed, and offers a clean, neat email version – and that’s why I love it!

So add the ones you will, let me know what you like and what you don’t and why . . . and as always, Rock On!


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