Edward Burns, Nice Guy Johnny, powered by social media

My Hero: Edward Burns

He has a list of screen credits that is incredibly impressive, and he’s good lookin’. (You need to hear me say that with a Southern accent, it will mean more!) But the reason I want you to know about him in this moment is the way he has leveraged social media in his indy movie productions, and how very successful he’s been at it.

His new movie “Newlyweds” had a reported budget of only $9,000 which he tweeted was broken down into “5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can.”

He has a slick, sexy blog at http://www.edwardburns.net/

Edward Burns Website

Yeah, look closely. Built on WordPress. (just sayin’)

He posts to his Twitter @edward_burns (no college interns for him!), and has a Facebook page, that he uses to interact with fans.

And, of course, a YouTube Channel, edward burns films for the trailer and film information.

EVERYTHING I’ve told you you should be doing to promote your brand!

No more lectures; here’s the trailer from “Nice Guy Johnny” – it is funny, and touching. Watch the trailer; rent the flick from Netflix. And when you’re done, work on that social media campaign of yours!

Edward Burns is known for acting, but he writes, produces, directs

Edward Burns, a lesson in Social Media Promotion

In fact, his film credits are too many for me to list through the keyboard

Edward Burns Filmography

Social Media Bottom Line: What do you get, and what does it cost?

Since we’re fast approaching 2011 and everyone looks at what they did this year and what they are going to do next year (and what it is all going to cost in time and money) we thought we’d do this piece on decision making for your social media brand.

There are multiple considerations; if you are looking to establish a social media plan, you could start here:

What are you trying to do?

  • Generate sales leads?
  • Promote your brand?
  • Get “into” social media?  Pointless, really, without an end result in mind.

How are you going to make this happen?

  • Who is going to do the work? Are you willing to do it yourself?  Assign it to an employee?
  • College Intern?  Bad Idea . . . really bad idea.
  • How long are you going to actively promote your social media campaign before you go to simply maintaining?
  • Longer is more costly, but what effect are you going to have on your goals if you throw money at your project for 30 days? None. And you’ll have that negative effect on your pocketbook.

We’ve learned that social media is beneficial in a cumulative fashion.

You aren’t really going to get hella results if you work on Facebook and Twitter for 30 days and then throw in the towel. Save your money if that’s your plan.

These are the services we offer, and typical pricing:

P/Mo or P/Un
Design a blog and launch, outsourced $1,000-$12,000
avg $3K to $5K
Design a blog and launch, some outsourcing $1,000-$8,000
avg $2K to $3.5K
Redesign an existing blog (3-6 mos) $1,000-$5,000
avg $2K to $4K
Create & introduce a new Twitter presence, outsourced $1,000-$7,500
avg $2K to $4K
Create and introduce a new Twitter presence, & provide ongoing training for company $1,000-$6,000
avg $1K to $3K
Re wicker an existing existing Twitter presence (3-6 mos) $1,000-$4,000
avg $1K to $2.5K
Limited coaching to improve Twitter success $1,000-$4,000
avg $1K to $2.5K
Design a Facebook Page and deploy, from the ground-up, outsourced including interaction with readers $2,000-$9,000
avg $2.5K to $5K
Design a Facebook Page and deploy, with limited training on interaction (3-6 mos) $2,000-$7,500
avg $2K to $4K
Design specific Social Media Strategy; outsource all content creation through all channels (min of 2, probability of 4 or less) $3,000-$20,000
avg $4K to $7K
Design of specific Social Media Strategy; outsource limited content creation; may include in house training (4-12 mos) $3,000-$15,000
avg $3K to $6K
Simple review of current Social Media Strategy with recommendations on how and where to improve your recognition $2,000-$10,000
avg $2K to $5K
Social Media Consulting Specific Topics $50-$500/Hr
avg $75 to $200

If these Consulting Fees make you a little weak in the knees, consider the preparation made before you see them or a proposal. Research about your company and what you are doing, perhaps research into your competitors and what they are doing.

For your eight hour consult, I could realistically have up to 40 hours invested at the end of the day. And that doesn’t include travel time, whether it is across town, or across the country.

Keep these in mind as you review your needs and your budget. If you’d like my assistance for your social media campaign, please email me for a custom quote.

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