Great Buzz: Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley

Looking for buzz, and don’t have any ideas how to make it happen for your favorite project?

The Ontario Science Center, promoting a new exhibit called “Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, & Mermaids,” made a viral video hoax that is quite good from concept to execution.  They have it listed on their website as “Strange Encounters: Video Evidence or Hoax?”

According to Jeremy Scott in ReelSEO, the online marketer’s guide:

Creating a video that causes the viewer to wonder if what they’ve seen is real or fake is one of the most reliable paths to viral success. And though most everyone knew this one was a hoax from the beginning, the museum is still playing along and acting coy—they’ve issued warnings about what to do if you spot a unicorn in the wild—don’t use sudden movements or flash photography! And they have also voiced concerns about the safety of unicorns and humans should the creatures get too close to civilization and become frightened. Hilarious.

So, how does one generate true buzz?

When I found it, there had been more than 150,000 views on YouTube. He’s right: This little vid should be considered a great success.

Lesson to be learned? When you’re looking for buzz, you may be looking in all the wrong places! Or at least thinking in all the wrong places. I read somewhere (and forgive me, whoever said this first)

No more thinking outside the box. There is NO box.

Very Zen.  And it should be rule number one when you’re working on your next buzz campaign.

Thesis: Image in Post Title

I am still looking for ways to make my WordPress blogs look better.  I really don’t want my blogs to look like anyone else’s, and I want them to be pretty.  If you like the way it looks, my theory is, you’ll stay longer than if it looks like the ’40s and untouched by human hands!

You may already know I am mad about the Thesis Framework for WordPress, since lately it is almost all I write about here.

This trick is slick, takes about three minutes to implement, not counting the creative work on the image, and makes your blogs look more polished, and most important to me, more individualized.  If you want a picture next to the post title, here is how to include it in Thesis for WordPress.

I got pumped about the file folder images I used to substitute for the navigation bar, so I picked the guitar one (it is Blog like a RockStar, after all) and after loading the image, made additions to two files.

The CSS file needs this code:

/* Add Avatar Before Headline sitewide */.custom .title-avatar { float:left; margin: 0 1em 0 0;}

The Custom Functions File file needs this code:

/*Add Avatar Before Headline sitewide*/function author_avatar() { echo 'img class="title-avatar" src=""  /'; } add_action('thesis_hook_before_headline', 'author_avatar');

Have I told you lately how crazy I am about the Thesis framework? So cool.

My next planned topic is a tutorial for adding customization to sidebars: adding images to sidebar headers, or using color to highlight your sidebars and headings, using Thesis framework for WordPress.

Rock On!

Client Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Alexander

Dr. Thomas Alexander is in my client spotlight today . . . And I want to thank him for giving me a shot at being his social media manager. Tom came to me as a referral from AniciaB because he wanted to update his blog.

He has great information on health and well-being, but he wanted a better presentation and social media interaction with his patients and the world. He knew his blog could reach a lot of people and Anicia wanted to see that he did it right.

Harmonia Wellness then

His blog did need a lot of work.  In fact, I just started over with a new url, ThomasAlexanderMD.Com, and a whole new look using the thesis framework.

Anicia had designed his new business card, so that was the starting point for everything.  We tweaked the design of his blog together til it had the look he wanted and then set out to replicate that look in his newsletter and his Facebook page.

It wasn’t always easy.  Because I’m publishing a book called The Secret Art of RockStar Buzz, I used the phrase “blog like a Rock Star” a lot.  So with that in his head, and Anicia extolling the virtues of Facebook “Fan” Pages, one day he threw up his hands and said, “I don’t want to be a RockStar!  I don’t want to be a celebrity doctor.  I want to connect with people and help them.  His motto is:  Inspiring Excellent Health.

He totally meant what he said.

I had to rethink my strategy . . . blogging like a RockStar might not be the goal of everyone I wanted to work with.  It is a phrase I identify with, but everyone who knows me will describe me as, well, a little bit out there.

I’m not so artistic as to be missing an ear, but I do think creative types (me being on of them) aren’t just regular guys.  I wrote a post called “I don’t want to be a RockStar” in honor of Dr. Alexander, because he had valid points and I had to honestly re-evaluate my approach.

When we got past the vernacular, which was the real problem, we went back to work on his blog, his newsletter, and his Facebook page, all of which I’m proud.

We used mail chimp for his newsletter, it is free up to 3,000 mailings, it is slick, incorporates your social media and keeps track of mailings, deliveries, and click throughs, so Dr. Alexander knows how effective his email campaign is.

He is faithful to his commitment to send a weekly newsletter every Wednesday and his numbers are going up nicely.

He posts articles regularly at ThomasAlexanderMD.Com and I’m happy with the numbers of hits he’s getting with a brand new blog.

We’ve just published his Facebook page, so I’d ask all of you to look it over and click that like button! He may not want to be a celebrity doctor, but he does want to connect with as wide an audience as possible.

Twitter is next on our list.  I’m getting him on TweetAdder so that he can focus his followers, and focus on their needs.  His twitter is, so you can sign up to follow his tweets now.

Dr. Alexander takes questions in his comments section of the blog, through direct messages on twitter, and through the contact form on his site, so pick his brain.

I don’t want to be a Rock Star!

You’re kidding, right? You don’t want to be a Rock Star?

I had an interesting talk with a client, who gave me a whole new appreciation of English as we know it.

I don’t want to be a RockStar!  I don’t want ‘fans’ ~~ I’m not a celebrity, and I don’t want to be.

As I explained to my slightly testy guy, I realized that I’ve adopted a vernacular meaningful to me (and other people in my life) but not necessarily to the people I want as clients.

I told him that “Blogging Like a RockStar” doesn’t include sex, drugs or rock’n’roll.  It is a phrase I’ve adopted that means one blogs like a professional, blogs and gets ‘buzz’; blogs and creates ‘google-juice. I consider it just more Web 2.0 jargon, as is the “Fan Page” on Facebook.

Ironically, FaceBook, in naming its company pages ‘Fan Pages’ has furthered that impression of performance-related media – that of a celebrity, or  . . . RockStar and not  an ordinary (or extraordinary) business page .

They (FaceBook) needed to name them something, and that’s what they picked. It is unfortunate, because by design it is a methodology designed for businesses in order for them to grow and nurture their own community within Facebook. They’re moving away from that name, but it is what we’ve got, and millions of FB users know what it is and what to expect from it.

So, I bid you, Blog like a RockStar! and get those Fan Pages at Facebook!  Become a star in your own right, whether you’re rockin’ or not.

As always,

Rock On!

Secret Art of RockStar Buzz

I’m days away from the pre-launch of “The Secret Art of RockStar Buzz” and I’m excited, nervous, and perhaps a little sick to my stomach . . . We’re waiting on the final proofs for the cover – Suggestions?  Complaints?  Remarks??

And the last editing and rewriters . . . it is a week away and I dread it and can’t wait!

Samples are on the official website: ArtofRockStarBuzz.Com.

We plan to sell on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle Readers, Sony Readers, etc.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and read those samples!  10 essential Plugins for Social Media; 10 Essential Plugins for The Bones of Your WordPress Blog.  Twitter Tools to use and abuse – there are dozens!

As always, I wish you the best.

Going to take my mortgage money and run!

I’m not running in the literal, virtual sense in that I’m leaving one actual place and going to another . . . only as far as finance is concerned, I’m running away as fast as I can go.

Well, I did just find an old friend in Belize . . . I may start there as a jumping off place and head further south. I have my eye on São Paulo, although my kiddos are entranced with Australia –

I made a lot of money in mortgage banking (hella money, my kids say), but I hated it every minute I was doing it, and the better the money got, the worse the job got. From where I sit now the people still in the mortgage business must be saints to live with it (And they are probably making HELLA money)

But it’s not for me. Not anymore.

I’ve decided to concentrate on writing – I have a book coming out in May, “The Secret Art of Rockstar Buzz” which I’m pretty pumped about.

The official site is And, in leaving the mortgage business, I have absolutely no use for my website, Georgia Mortgage Money.Com, so I’ve decided to sell it.

Stats, rankings, etc., will be available to anyone with a real interest in the purchase. I’m considering financing it, should a “lone” officer want to buy it, rather than a company, but no promises . . . I want to get completely out of the biz, but that site has been up for 11 years, and in the good years, I made an average of $200K a year with it . . . Mostly loans, but some ads . . . not many, I assure you.

I didn’t have time to bother with them. If you’re interested in the website, email me:, and, if I can talk you into reading my RockStar Buzz blog, great! or following RockStar Buzz on Twitter I’ll be proud to have you.

Rock on,


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Your blog represents . . . You

Your blog is the most personal thing you will ever show the world.

Present anyway you want, most of the people who see it will never see you. If your blog’s job is to promote you and generate revenue, then you are going to meet people. Via phone, email, or in person.

And, any way you look at it, if your blog is your paycheck, you want to present the very best, most professional image possible, as well as showing off the edge you have on the work you do (and that includes displaying some “edginess” in your presentation). So, are you going to buy one of those canned websites that everyone else in your profession has? Google “mortgage broker”, or “real estate agent”; you’ll get a thousand iterations of the same brand because sales people know they have to have a web presence, but they don’t have the knowledge, or time to hone their skills, so they load their credit card information into a self-replicating web-site purchase engine, get their log-on and password and put in their contact details, and maybe their photo, and sit back and wait for the business to roll in.

Come on, do you really think that will work webmagic for you?

I know it is easy and I also know it isn’t always cheap. But even if it was cheap and easy, would it be in anyone’s best interest? Probably Not. Making a splash on the internet, really creating buzz for your business, giving your pages GoogleJuice? For that you do need time, along with the knowledge of not only what you need but how to get it, some money, but probably not as much as you’d think to launch a blog and make it powerful enough to create webmagic, managed social networking for the best viral marketing campaign you can create. And don’t forget,while you’re doing all that, you need to create fresh content for your blog readers, as their numbers grow.

So you need on the short list, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter.

You need to start publishing those articles to e-zines, and you need to make sure you feed is available in at 57 variations for everyone out there because you never know what they’ll want. Well not 57, but sufficient choices. an RSS feed, an email option, do you want to also use Atom? Decisions, decisions, but hurry, cos those articles are still waiting . . . .

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