“Whatever money you may need for the next five years,” Jim Cramer told the legions of Cramericans yesterday, “please take it out of the stock market right now.” From Agora Financial’s 5 minute forecast: “Mr. There’s always a bull market somewhere” officially checked out of the current market, suggesting that a the current drama could cause “as much as a 20% decrease in the stock market.” You don’t have to run screaming from the market and take losses today because Cramer said to.  You can take a loan against your portfolio to hedge against losses; non-recourse loans mean that if your stock tanks, you can walk away. I don’t recommend making any decision on the emotions we’re experiencing now.  Check out your options, take a deep breath, then sleep on it. Manage the risk of owing stock in this market by taking out a stock loan.  If you have $1 million in stock you can borrow $500,000.00 now and if the stock drops in value during the loan you can walk away from the loan without any negative impact on your credit. If the stock increases in value you can capture that appreciation. There is NO fall-back position to selling your stock. Done is done. Use a stock loan to hedge your position instead of abandoning it.