The old economy says, Make a plan and stick to it. The new economy is so unformed, so out of the ballpark, that the rules are different: Dream wild, stick out your thumb, and climb aboard for the ride….Be loose, be open to surprise, and be cool.
— Harriet Rubin

As a full-service digital marketing company we design strategy to leverage the Internet for clients in any industry.  We work with attorneys, physicians, designers, manufacturers, chefs.  We are very good at what we do because we get it.  We know how the Internet works, how it inter-relates, and how to leverage the larger sites available (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google) to enhance your web presence.

The Services we Provide are

  • Copy Writing for Press Kits, Press Releases, Product Launches, Articles, Website Pages and Blog Posts, SEO Copywriting, Editing, Professional Copywriting, Proofreading, Basic Copywriting, Technical Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Blogging
  • Reputation Management, or Damage Control
  • Mobile Websites
  • Twitter Promotions: Custom Background Design, Twitter followers campaigns, specifically targeted Twitter audiences.
  • YouTube Channels and distribution of video content
  • Newsletters
  • Text marketing and promotion

    We’ve a recent client who is developing a product that will go nationwide, but in the meantime he is only testing two market cities. For reasons of his own, he didn’t want to broadcast the program throughout the country, only to those two cities. In this case the power of the Internet is a double-edged sword: if it is on the Internet, it is pretty much available worldwide.

    Our solution to getting his message to his target? Location based Twitter marketing to those specific cities.