Google+ SEO For Business PagesHave you considered the SEO possibilities of using google+?

If you’re a first mover on this, you’re going to capture more visibility,” says Rob Garner, vice president of strategy for digital marketing agency iCrossing. “This is kind of a gift in a lot of ways.”

SEO Savvy google+ Pages

SEO Checklist for the google+ Page

  • Build a keyword rich profile – and this doesn’t mean that you spam education, location, or other names. Be honest,  describe what you do, how you do it, and make sure you use the keywords you want to be known for. Think SEO copywriting, just as you would on your website.
  • Add people to your circles who also support your keyword choices for SEO
  • Add posts about your SEO keyword subject
  • Annotate articles from other people about your SEO keyword subject
  • Post frequently – the more information you put out there, the more chance that your circles will increase

Google+ Circle Mania

google+ circles for SEO resultsApparently one of the things about your google+ page that will amplify your SEO googlejuice is the number of circles to which you’ve been added.  So, like fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter, we want to be encircled on google+.

The most obvious way to get added to other people’s circles is, of course, adding them to yours.  And since you’re interested in SEO value for your google+ page, make sure you have people in your circles who are doing that thing for which you want SEO oomph.  Are you a social media maven? Then you want social media types in your circles.  If you’re a plumber, ditto, you want plumbing references!

Get a google+ Badge so you’re added to circles from your website

You can configure a badge with a width that fits your site design and choose a version that works better on darker sites,” says Google+ software engineer Lucy Hadden.

“…We recently looked at top sites using the badge and found that, on average, the badge accounted for an additional 38% of followers. [Emphasis mine] When you add the badge, visitors to your website can discover your google+ page and connect in a variety of ways: they can follow your google+ page, +1 your site, share your site with their circles, see which of their friends have +1’d your site, and click through to visit your google+ page.”

Direct Connect, the tool you’ll need to add google+ tools to your site, is multi-faceted: the +1 button, the add to circles badge, and the authority code that is placed in the header of your website. Direct Connect details are here:

Plus1 Button

google+1 button for SEO resultsUse that Plus1 Button!

We easily tweet or retweet things we see, or like them if there is a Facebook button, but research has shown that there’s a lot of traction to using the Plus1 button, too. A Dutch company called SEO Effect found that getting 72 people to +1 its page resulted in a 20% lift in click-through rates.

Google has given us a gift with google+. One that we’ll have to work for, granted, but well worth the effort if it makes us even more credible in search by beefing up our SEO efforts on a well-known and easily found web presence.