On Page SEO Getting listed in the search engines just ain’t what it used to be . . . Onpage SEO is mightily important.

Google changes and postures over search almost as much as Facebook changes up your profile! But their point is to get valid, fresh, vibrant copy in front of their audience. The theory is good, and the thought worthy, even if you have to keep working to get your brand out to the Googleverse . . .

To that end, I’ve done a quick list of the ten things most important in your Onpage SEO efforts

Top 10 Onpage SEO tips

  1. Make sure you URL contains your keyword. If it is the first word, even better. Value goes down the further along in the name it gets.
  2. Put your keyword in your Domain Name. Obviously you aren’t gong to buy a domain for every post or page you write, but if your focus is narrow, having your keyword in the domain name is a must.  Just try to keep the name smart, short, on a dot com site. (I’ll always be a dot com snob.)
  3. Put your keyword in your post or page Title Tag; as in 1 above, the closer to the first word, the better
  4. Put your keyword in your description meta tag. Not as emphatic as it was when first coined, it is still referred to.
  5. Put your keyword in your keyword meta tag. Duhh. You must use every word in this tag in your body text. It has been reported that Google no longer measures this tag, but Yahoo and Bing do.
  6. Maintain a keyword density of five to 20% of your body text.
  7. Are you using several distinct keywords? One to six% density of entire text per keyword.
  8. Make Header Tags with your keywords.  This is reported to be extremely important to Google. Make sure your header tags are coded properly.
  9. Keyword font emphasis – Matt Cutts told us that italic and emphasis codes are read as equal, as are strong and bold. (And you know you need to use both bold and italics to emphasize Onpage SEO.)
  10. Keyword proximity – You’re using two of your keywords in one sentence? Put them together, don’t string them at the front and end of the sentence.

This is just the beginning, but considered to be the most important points in your OnPage SEO efforts.  I’ll have more sets of tips over the next few weeks.