Klout ScoreHaving Klout means perks

Aside from the obvious perks that are listed on the Klout website (and this is just a small sample) there are unannounced perks companies are willing to bestow after they check your Klout score.

Perks listed on the Klout website:

  • invino
    Influencers are invited to receive a $10 credit and Insider access to phenomenal wines at unmatched values, delivered right to your door by invino.
  • Spreecast
    Spreecast is the new social video platform that lets people broadcast together, creating shared experiences that inform and entertain. Key Influencers get to try it before anyone else!
  • AXE
    Klout has teamed up with Axe to bring you a free sample of Axe Hold and Touch hair gel.

Real World Perks you may happen upon

While you’re looking up perks you qualify for on the Klout.Com website, other people are checking your Klout Score – Checking into a Vegas hotel? They may look up your Klout Score during check in and upgrade your accommodations . . . Calling a company to ask a question, or complain about a product? They may check your Klout score before putting you on hold for ten minutes!  Real world perks.

According to DemocratandChronicle.com, Audi, Disney, Nike and Starbucks are among companies who regularly leverage their customer’s Klout score.

Think about it – You have five or ten thousand followers on twitter, or a Facebook page with thousands of fans. Does anyone want you to speak badly of them? No!

And, some of them will give you gifts in the form of perks, so you’ll talk them up.

Once again, Klout matters

Astonishingly, all that you do playing with social media adds up to tangible rewards from companies who want to use Your power in social media.

Having good Klout means getting those perks. Online and offline.