I continue to be amazed at the dollars people will throw at a website (especially a flash based website) with absolutely no idea what they’ve asked for and what they are getting. Or the disparity between the two.

Perhaps that is the reason those blog-in-a-box sites actually make money.  If you don’t know what you want, and really don’t know what you can get, those flash sites catch your eye (and hook your pocketbook) because they are such great eye candy.

And you think  “. . .  everyone who sees them will ooh, and ahh and want whatever it is I’ve got. . .”

Maybe they will.

Those people who see them.

And that’s the problem isn’t it?  Google doesn’t index movies.  The videos on YouTube and Vimeo are tagged with searchable information that will allow viewers to find you in the gazillion websites out there competing with you.

That gorgeous flash website you’ve got?  Does it have meta tags?  titles?  keywords? Text?  Spend the next ten minutes reading hard core SEO articles and then figure out how your site is ever going to have a visitor that didn’t type in (one letter at a time) your url.

Ain’t happening, baby.

And all that business you expect to get off the net?

Ditto, it ain’t happening either.

You like flash?  I love flash.  By all means use pieces of it.  But just like a site that is all text, no color, no pictures, no nothing, it isn’t going to get the job done for you.

But at least the text site that is boring will get indexed in the search engines; readers will be able to find it and actually visit.

. . . the flash site? Say it with me, it ain’t happening.