You have to wonder if it is worth the struggle.

You have to work at being found: you have to work the SEO, the social media angle (Facebook, Twitter, et al) and create a community with which you interact.  And while you work to get your twitter followers above the number ten, and the people who get your feed in the thousands, you wonder if it is worth the struggle.

May I remind you of just a couple of bloggers who have gone on to other successes. The two that come to mind are:

Julie & Julia

A woman decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, and blogs about it daily.  Goes to a book.  Book?  Book, movie, I’m surprised she’s not on a walking tour!

And then, a movie, by Jove.  I’ll admit, I had NO interest in the blog or the multitude of books.  I watched the movie, and while the Julia portion was wonderful(!) the Julie part could have been left on the cutting room floor.

But, do you think Julie Powell minds?  I certainly would not.  I’d take a book deal or a movie deal on any of the blogs I write on, and laugh all the way to the bank bad reviews or no.

Jen Lancaster

Our gal Jen wrote a blog (www.jennsylvania. com) which someone decided should be a book.  I read it,  “Bitter is the New Black” , and while some of it was funny, most of it was just plain mean.  Evidently that works for NAL, which is part of PenguinGroup.  And apparently she has arranged and rearranged her blog several times over, producing a new book every now and then . . . or taken snarky things she’s written since the first one was published to create the new ones.  She’s turned into a veritable industry of  . . . bitchiness.

Interestingly, jennsylvania isn’t so bitchy lately.  I don’t really believe what she says, in that I don’t believe she means it after having read her first book, but maybe it is a good thing for her karma to be putting nicer words out in the cosmos.

With those two success stories, you should realize that YOU can do anything.


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