In the movie Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean is asked, “What are you rebelling against?”  To which he answers, “Whattya got?”

So, I’m asking you, “Whattya got?”

  • Pretty pictures?  Great flash?

    No-one will discover a flash site without a name like Versace or Chanel and even those sites will make you nuts with their introductory movie and inability to really get information. Click on a link for information on the Versace Unique mobile phone, and you get a form to fill out, not information.  And then they’ve got your phone number and email address . . . I’d expect more from Versace, and they have that dreadful techno music that is going to blare over anything you might have chosen to listen to on your own.

  • How about a cookie-cutter website for real estate agents, mortgage people, or even dog-sitters?

    Those “website-in-a-box” themes that let you add your name, address and phone number aren’t going to bring you business unless you work them, and if you leave the text they came with, Google is going to consider your site spam for using the same text as the other 10,000 sites that look just like yours in different colors.

  • You have content.

    Please tell me you have content.  I don’t care if it is your personal Gay Pride rant, or your answer to Arianna Huffington, you have content and it is yours. It isn’t some other article you’ve seen and rehashed, it isn’t one you’ve plagiarized with some tricky software to steal other people’s work, and it isn’t one that is blatantly the RSS feed of someone else’s website.

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