How to TwitterI’ve finally gotten the #newnewtwitter, and I really, really like it.

Except for what they’ve done to direct messages.

NewNewTwitter is slick and sexy and fast.  It has been simplified somewhat, although I do still have to look for some things after having it for a week or two.

But direct messages are a task.

They’re now located in the drop down menu with your profile info:

Direct Messages is in the Drop Down for your Profile

You click on the line, Direct Messages, and get a list of your messages:

Twitter Direct Messages List

And the next step is to choose the message you want to read and respond to:

Twitter Direct Message detail

And here, one would presume that after actioning the message, we’d go back to the list.  Wrong, DMs disappear, and you’re back at your profile, to choose Direct Messages from the drop down again:

Twitter Direct Message on the Drop Down Under Profile

I’ve made it my  purpose in life to tweet @twitter a couple of times a week and ask for a less clumsy interface.  Til then, I’ve come to really dread answering them.