How to Twitter#newnewtwitter

Since this isn’t their first design shakeup, the hashtag for the latest Twitter version is #newnewtwitter. When Twitter came out with #newtwitter I got it almost before I heard about it.  With #newnewtwitter, it has been a week, and I still don’t have it on the web. I’ve seen it flash on my account and disappear with a mouseclick.

@IamNessaRox has #newnewtwitter

And since she happens to be my daughter, and knows that I’m almost rabid about Twitter these days (in the final throes of publishing Tweet·ease, The Essential Guide to Shameless Self Promotion on Twitter).  She let me log on to her twitter account to see what was new and different, and when I searched for my profile, it is displayed in #newnewtwitter fashion!

Learning how to twitter on #newnewtwitter

The first thing I noticed was that my profile photo, which looked very crisp on #newtwitter, doesn’t look so good on #newnewtwitter. Note to self – update that!

All the functionality seems to be there, just rearranged in a more pleasing fashion.  The menu bar is stripped down to 3 items:

New New Twitter

They are found above your profile picture in the #newnewtwitter:

NewNewTwitter Home IconHome

takes you to the main screen with your incoming stream on the far right and your next tweet on the left under your name:

NewnewTwitter @connect@Connect

Your @Username Interactions are shown under @Connect in the same page style as Home:

#NewnewTwitter @Connect

NewNewTwitter Discover#Discover

Is described as ‘Stories’ and apparently is based on what you tweet or who you follow.  I haven’t seen a firm explanation, except that it seems designed to show you other people in the hope that you will follow them.  I foresee promoted accounts being in this list, as Twitter is making serious money advertising promoted accounts.

#newnewTwitter #Discover Stories

I’m mostly ambivalent about the changes – Everything I want to do is still there, but I do particularly like the pop up you get if you click on another user’s name, because they’ve added “Follows You” information:

#newNewTwitter PopUp Profile

Also interesting is the Branding that is said to be available free to everyone, although if you want to add a banner ad like the one Best Buys has it comes at a pretty penny:

#newnewTwitter ScreenShot 1

I can’t find any additonal controls for the branding.  Granted, I’ll be more motivated when I actually get my own #newnewtwitter, and don’t have to play with someone else’s!

Embed Tweet

They have taken note of how often tweets are used in other mediums, and have built an embed code into every status update. Very nicely done, Twitter, so much easier than doing the whole screenshot, resize, upload image.  When you embed the tweet, it works where you’ve put it. You can retweet, or follow from  that page.  Lovely addition! You get to a full status using the Details command inside your stream, and on the new status, you’ll see Embed Tweet.

NewnewTwitter Embed Tweet Instructions

Those are all the changes I’ve found from playing in someone else’s account . . . If I find more fun things when I get my own account, you can be sure I’ll write about it here!  And, I hope you’ll be on the lookout for Tweet-ease, The Essential Guide to Shameless Self Promotion on Twitter.