A friend of mine, Rob Actis is a professional voice actor who has created a package of audio (sound effects, music and voice overs) that you can have for almost nothing.

The sound effects, music and voiceover workparts are geared specifically towards Internet Marketers and Offline marketers that understand the power of video.

If you are producing video these elements will take your videos to  a whole new level!

His video is long . . . about ten minutes, but it gives you a great sampling of what you’ll get for $17.00. And listen to that voice! Rob did all the voice overs himself, and you can use his voice in your productions at a fraction of the cost of calling his agent!

Here is what you’ll get for $17.00:

Sound Effects

This category includes various types of machine, human, vehicle, and animal sound effects such as an explosion, telephone ring, applause, air horn, train whistle and police siren that can be used to add humor and personality to your production!

Sound effects included are:

  • Baby Crying,
  • Wedding Applause,
  • Bee Buzzing,
  • Birds Chirping,
  • Cash Register,
  • Casino Coin Payout,
  • Computer Keyboard Typing
  • DJ Air Horn,
  • Drum Roll Short,
  • Explosion,
  • Kiss,
  • Police Siren,
  • Rooster Cockadoodle,
  • Telephone Ring,
  • Toilet Flush,
  • Train Whistle SFX

Multimedia Buttons

This category has various beeps, bleeps, clicks, digital hits and impacts to highlight a transition, visual logo or graphic on screen. *Subcategories include:

  • Beeps, Bleeps, Chirps, Clicks, Clanks, Bells, Chimes, Hits,
  • Siren sound effects

Sound effects included are:

  • Alarm Hit 1,
  • Alarm Hit 2,
  • Beep,
  • Bleep,
  • Chirpy Beep,
  • Clank Bell,
  • Click,
  • Clickie,
  • Digital Bell,
  • High Beep,
  • High Chime Bell,
  • Knock Beep,
  • Little High Bell,
  • Long Beep,
  • Muted Bell,
  • Quick Wooden Beep,
  • Rising Siren,
  • Rusty Digital Bell,
  • Wet Bleep


This category includes short riffs and phrases of various musical and percussion instruments that will allow you to add some melody and emotion to your presentation or product.

Sub-categories include:

  • Acoustic Guitar,
  • Distorted Electric Guitar,
  • Harmonica,
  • Xylophone,
  • Saxophone,
  • Gong,
  • Windchimes,
  • Choir,
  • DJ Scratching
  • Cowbell.

Sound effects included are:

  • Acoustic Blues Riff
  • Acoustic Blues Riff 2
  • Choir
  • Cool Sax Riff
  • Cowbell
  • Distorted Guitar Riff
  • DJ Record Scratch
  • Electric Guitar Solo
  • Fast Record Scratch
  • Gong
  • Harmonica Blues Riff
  • Harmonica Train Riff
  • Nice Acoustic Guitar Strum
  • Sax Expressive
  • Sax Honk
  • Windchimes
  • Xylophone Ascend
  • Xylophone Melody


This category is chock full of various digital noise sounds to use as transitions in your video or audio presentation. *Sub-categories include:

  • Zaps
  • Lasers
  • Bursts
  • Digital Splats
  • Static
  • Rings
  • Delay Elements

Sound effects included are:

  • Alien Zap
  • Bending Zap
  • Blast Zap
  • Clickity Delay
  • Crazy Lazer Mosquito
  • Delay Beeper
  • Digital Splat
  • Digital Squiggle
  • Dull Lazer
  • Freaky Zaps
  • Little Lazer Gun
  • Long Drawn Lazer
  • Low Delay Crash
  • Mosquito Lazer Sting
  • Musical Lazer
  • Mystery Bleep
  • Ring Delay Beep
  • Robot Squiggle
  • Rush Up Siren
  • Short Ring
  • Static Noise
  • Static Slow Burst
  • Warble Zap
  • Water Robot

Sound Design

For the sound designer in you, this category has several of the ever popular “whoosh” sound, rising and diving sounds, impacts, and hits. Use these sounds to add impact to the introduction of graphics on screen. Subcategories include:

  • Whooshes,
  • Rushes,
  • Wipes,
  • Rises,
  • Dives,
  • Impacts,
  • Crashes
  • Hits

Sound effects included are:

  • Crash Cymbal
  • Dark Impact
  • Dark Synth Dive
  • DJ Scratch Hits
  • Flame Whoosh
  • High Dive
  • Impact
  • Low Dive
  • Low Rise
  • Low Tom Impact
  • Quick Synth Dive
  • Rappy Hit
  • Rush
  • Slide Whistle Dive
  • Slide Whistle Rise
  • Snare Pop Hit
  • Super High Dive
  • Synth Rush Hit
  • Synth Zap Hit
  • Ultra High Dive
  • Velocity Crash
  • Whoosh
  • Wipe


The Audio Assassin Toolbox has music that you can use for your offline marketing, online marketing, even in your production of your WSO videos.The fantastic music tracks in this toolkit includes 20 professionally produced music selections in a variety of genres including Beds and Loops, Chill, Grooving, Hip Hop R&B, Rock, Upbeat, and World. *30 second tracks sell for $19.95 individually everyday at SFXsource.com, so this music collection represents a $399 value!

Beds and Loops

Relaxed background beds for voice over including

  • Digital Chill,
  • Morning News Bed,
  • Peaceful Ethereal Bed.


From meditative, to sentimental, to relaxing, these tracks are perfect for the capturing a touching emotional feel. Tracks included are

  • Acoustic Flute,
  • Chill Presentation,
  • Flowing Meditation,
  • Sentimental Piano

Hip Hop R&B

For that urban, feel, these tracks include a mellow Hip Hop vibe, a traditional tough Hip Hop mix, and a standard R&B track. Titles include

  • Acoustic Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop Fire Mix
  • Sly Girl R&B.


Need a bit of power and energy in your presentation. These high energy rock tracks will do the trick. Titles include

  • Grunge Rock
  • Heavy Industrial Metal
  • Jock Rock.


For projects that require some pizzazz, these 4 upbeat tracks include uptempo beats with solid bass lines and memorable melodies. Titles include

  • Corporate Groove
  • Disco Funky
  • Groovy Funky
  • Upbeat Guitar Groove


These 4 tracks will allow you to add a little ethnic flair to your media production. Including a wide range of geo-specific genres, track titles include

  • African Congolese
  • Bossa Nova Electro
  • Irish Jig
  • Sultry Mambo.

V.O Drop-ins

VO Drop-ins are short voiceover “calls to action” that are easily “dropped in” to your video productions.

Here is a sample of the variety of the “Calls to Action” that we included.

The included VO Drop-ins have no music behind them, they are just dry tracks, that will import into your video productions.

  • “We hope you enjoyed the video… honestly, it’s just the very tip of the iceberg.If you’re ready for more… enter your information and we’ll do the rest.”
  • “To take advantage of our totally free offer… just enter your information in the box below”
  • “This free offer won’t be available for long… and I’m sure you can understand why. Take action now by entering your info right here on this page.”
  • “We’ve reserved your free copy just for you. Just tell us where to send it and we’ll have it to you in sixty seconds or less.* Enter your contact info now.”
  • “Now you can see why we’re excited… and you can easily see why an offer like this Simply can’t last. So grab it now.”

    Imagine the impact that these calls to action can have on your marketing videos.

So, make your presentations slick and sexy. With these tools, you’ll add a professional edge to everything you do. For only $17!