Login Logo

One of the coolest plug-ins I’ve seen lately.  Replaces the wordpress logo (which I’m crazy about, by the way) with your own logo.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is what most WordPress Log In Screens look like.


I installed the plug-in Login Logo, added my image file and this is what my login screen looks like:


I really got it for clients, when I design a blog for someone else, I want them to know it is special from the moment they approach it and I think this logo addition really makes a good first impression.  Here’s a client’s log-in screen:


If you want it for your own blog, or if you’re doing design work for clients, get this plug-in, Login Logo

  • Install the plug-in, activate and then
  • Drop a PNG file named login-logo.png into your wp-content directory. This simple plugin takes care of the rest, with zero configuration. Transparent backgrounds work best. Keep the width below 326 pixels.

Dress up that log-in space.   Just takes a minute, and I think it should impart pride of ownership for your blog owner . . . even if that’s you!