Facebook made a major redesign of Pages for businesses, etc. The Page layout mirrors the new user profile, including the left side nav menu and doing away with tabs above the wall.

Profile Layout for Pages

Like the Profile for people, the Page has a photostrip top and center.  Downside is they rearrange every time the page is loaded, so nothing you can do will secure the photos like a banner.  (There was some Facebook thought behind this, I’m sure.)  The profile picture that I wrote about in How to Facebook: Profile Photo is now 180 x 540, reduced from the 200 x 600 it was previously.

Tabs have disappeared, and are now in the left hand nav list.

You can use longer names, and you’ll probably need them because the left nav bar is nowhere near as obvious as the tabs were.

Wall Filter

There is an option for ‘everyone’ or page-only posts to be shown on the wall.  And once again, we’re being given that which the Facebook gods deem relevant to our readers . . . I understand they will stream recent posts by friends and other users as long as the language and country are the same, and of course, posts that have received likes and comments will find their way to the top.


There is no option for Pages to publicly display the stream as we are used to seeing it. Admins can look at it via the ‘admin view’, and they can see posts hidden by themselves or the perpetual FB spam filters that remove things from normal view. There is the ability to reveal posts from this feed, but I’d rather be taking off posts than putting them back up.

Landing Tab

When Pages change permanently, through your choice or the big switch coming in March, the landing tab will be reset.  Make sure you fix it where you want it!

Admins Can “Use Facebook as Page”

This isn’t as good as it sounds . . . You can’t post on people’s profiles, because as a Page, you can’t have friends . . . You can ‘like’ other pages, but you can’t pop around facebook as if your Page suddenly got a personality!  You will see a feed of updates from the pages you like, so when your page is liked, those admins will be re-exposed to you.

And, they say in response to repeated requests, Facebook now allows admins to receive email alerting them of activity on their Page. (Get to this thru “Your Settings” tab on the Edit Page of the admin interface).

The Facebook gods got involved again, smaller pages with less friends have the default set to on; large pages with Large numbers of fans have a default of OFF. Decisions, decisions . . . we just can’t make them fast enough, can we?  Oh, yeah, we don’t get to make them.

No API Changes

These changes don’t interfere with  the Page APIs, so applications shouldn’t break. While applications shouldn’t break, the FBML code is being deprecated, so there are things that aren’t working and things will continue to go away as Facebook moves to I-frames that were due in 2010, but them moved to March 2011.  The FBML application will not be available after March 2011. Get them while you can.  Facebook tells us they will continue to work, but we won’t get any new ones after that date.  The I-frame is a more powerful method of getting a unique page up, but much more difficult for the normal small business user to figure out.  (More on that in a later post.)

The thoughts behind the changes are that

  • people are by now used to the look of the profile and will adjust to it more easily
  • the wall filter is meant to ensure that readers see ‘high quality’ fresh content every time they look at a page.
  • Page people will want to spend more on advertising (surprise!!) because the page experience is so much richer.  (I’m not sure I follow that logic in a straight and logical fashion, but that is what we’ve been told.)

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