Drive Traffic to Your WordPress BlogMore Traffic

That’s what we all want, right?  That’s why we do this whole blogging thing . . . so more and more people will read what we’ve got.  We know that blogs get lots of love from the search engines, and we know that WordPress has lots of tools to help direct that traffic flow to our websites, but which ones of them work well, and work fast? Are there any that actually increase traffic to your wordpress blog?

Back Links from High Authority Websites

We know that back links are high on the list of Google oomph.  Google really wants to see that other sites, preferably authority sites, link to us, and that makes us look more important to them. But building all those back links takes time or money, or both.  So we need an efficient method of building good links, without spam to increase traffic.

What is more traffic worth to you?

Would you spend $100 a month, a week, a day? to increase traffic to your blog every time you wrote a post?  Do you spend hours every week working on back links to drive traffic?

I’ve paid services to do back linking for me, and I’ve tried lots of different programs out there, but I have found only one that works consistently to increase my blog traffic. With WP-Syndicator I can see my traffic spike with every post I publish.

Enter WP- Syndicator

Once you set up this plugin, everytime you post, your content is syndicated to the top 15 web 2.0 sites, resulting in high quality backlinks, rapid indexing, deeplinking and instant traffic…

Now here’s where it gets really powerful…

  • It Automatically Syndicates Your Content Across High Authority Sites…Instantly pointing high quality links and instant traffic to EVERY post on your blog…
  • It Creates Backlinks With Your Keywords As Anchor Text… The keywords you use in your links are EXTREMELY important to your SEO presence, with WP-Syndicator you can manually insert keywords or choose to allow the software to automatically extract them from your posts…

Instant Traffic Spikes

I bought and installed WP-Syndicator about two weeks ago. I installed the plugin and set up the accounts I needed.  That took an hour or two . . . well worth the trouble.  Now, when I publish a post, a brief excerpt is published to 15 other sites, with a link to my post.

Every new post brings a spike like you see in this screenshot of my stats for the last week. I know I should write a couple of posts every day to drive this up, but I have clients who want the same results, so my posts get pushed back a little. (And yes, I have insisted that some of my clients have WP-Syndicator, I that happy with the results.)

Screenshot Stats Week Ending 7-16-2011 after installing WPSyndicator PlugIn

The customer support is fast, efficient and knowledgeable.  I had a small glitch (hosting sites on a virtual server at GoDaddy somehow always seems to create a little glitch) which they responded to in less than 24 hours, and fixed for me straightaway.

Check out WP-Syndicator for Yourself; if you don’t need syndication, don’t bother. But if you want an easy syndication that you control, look at what they’ve got.

The legal stuff: disclaimer

WP-Syndicator is not a free plugin.  It costs $47, and if you buy it from a link on this website, I will make a commission. Additionally:

  • There is a money back guarantee
  • There is a multi-site license
  • There is a developer’s license (Imagine what you can do for clients with this trick!)