[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Calligraffitti’, Arial, serif;font-size:27px;”] Are You Using Google Fonts for Your Website? [/efpd-font]

Years ago when we only had typewriters, I bribed the office services people to issue me an IBM ‘executive’ typewriter instead of the usual selectric with one font and one font size . . . typically courier, 10 pt. The executive had proportional print spacing and I loved the look. Later when we got computers, I discovered fonts and while everyone else was still turning out documents with courier, I was jazzing mine up so they looked as if they’d been typeset.

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Just Another Hand’, Arial, serif;font-size:27px;”] Fonts R Us [/efpd-font]

Fonts R Us was the nickname I was given, because I was so mad about fonts, and nobody else gave a damn.  Just one more eccentricity of mine.

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Tangerine’, Arial, serif;font-size:27px;”] Google: Making the Web Beautiful [/efpd-font]

Now Google has given us fonts (similar to the Adobe fonts you can add to your website) and once again I’m thrilled to play with font faces. No more doing a header in an image, and then substituting the image of the words for the words. Now with all the choices Google has it will take me a while to get through them all and settle on my favorites.

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Covered By Your Grace’, Arial, serif;font-size:27px;”] Google API or WordPress PlugIn [/efpd-font]

You can read the Google API to incorporate the fonts into your website, or take the quick and easy path by using the WP Google Fonts PlugIn for your WordPress sites.

The fonts I used in this post are shown here in 36px:

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Calligraffitti’, Arial, serif;font-size:36px;”] Calligraffitti [/efpd-font]

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Just Another Hand’, Arial, serif;font-size:36px;”] Just Another Hand [/efpd-font]

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Tangerine’, Arial, serif;font-size:36px;”] Tangerine  (This one may be my new favorite!)[/efpd-font]

[efpd-font css=”font-family:’Covered By Your Grace’, Arial, serif;font-size:36px;”] Covered by Your Grace [/efpd-font]

Using the plugin, you have to

  • Download and Install the Plugin
  • Choose the Fonts you want to use in the WP Google Fonts Settings in the left menu and choose the tags you’ll use them with (header, body, paragraph, etc.)
  • Choose the Fonts in your text (highlight, choose text, you know the drill)

Now dress up your website!