Social Media PR Machine

If you don’t have the time to be your own Social Media PR Machine, or just want direction in where, how, when, and how much, you’re in the right place.

We build custom brands for individuals and companies, and design publicity and promotions to build targeted audiences and keep them informed, amused, entertained. Engaged.

Facebook (Fan) Pages

One of my favorite projects is the Facebook Page – And the ones we’ve done are slick, sexy, and very useful Facebook pages.  AND, we work to meld your media around the web:  YouTube Channels, Tumblr and Flickr accounts, WordPress Blogs, Newsletters, and email marketing campaigns all joined together in a workable fashion, each one feeding to the other.

Client Spotlight: PeachtreeSEO

Calling this a client spotlight is probably not quite accurate – I work with Peachtree SEO on a lot of projects, but they wanted a facebook page that rocked, and they asked me to do it (I know, sounds smug, doesn’t it?  Sorry, I really like what I did for them!)

For anyone who hasn’t already “liked” Peachtree SEO, the landing page is a “Like” request with an arrow pointing upwards to the Facebook “like” button:

After the page is “liked” a mini-biography of the work Peachtree SEO does appears:


They offer a free SEO evaluation at the very onset of their relationship with a new contact, which is a great way to begin, I think.

Endless possibilities with iframes

Sign-up forms for newsletters, pulling your blog feed into facebook, having a sales shopping cart are all things you can do with Facebook.  There are space limitations, but everyone works with them.

Search Engine Indexing

Facebook Pages are indexed immediately – I’ve seen new pages get listed in Google in under five minutes, so they are a huge boon to your online presence, and one more addition to the Google Juice we all want for websites!

Do it Yourself Plans

If you have a wordpress site now, you can use the Easy FanPage WordPress PlugIn to design your page and implement it.

Far and away the slickest tool I’ve seen for the money is the Easy FanPage Engine WordPress Plugin which you can install on any wordpress site. It adds a section called FanPage to Posts and Pages. It includes a template that allows all the tabs you want, and has reveal code and comments built in.

You can see the page I’ve made with it here I Love this Page!

Justin Wheeler, the developer has made a special offer to my readers – The developer’s license is normally $147. But using this link you can get it for $97, until May 4th, 2011.

You can also buy it from my Easy Fan Page Design WordPress Plugin Facebook page if you look it over and decide you do want it. The developer’s license allows you to make as many Custom Facebook Pages as you can manage.

Get Your Facebook Page Customized

Prices vary according to what you want – send an email through the form below, and we’ll talk about what you want, what it will cost you and what you can expect to get out of your investment.