How to TwitterYou’ve seen those emphatic twitter status posts all over the internet. How do you embed a tweet into your site?

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Twitter released Blackbird, a tool to “quote” a Tweet by using the status identifier and some html (a lot of html actually) that you then place into a WordPress post or elsewhere.
Before it was take a screenshot, edit the image, upload . . . time consuming.

To Use the Blackbird tool

(I don’t care for it; a 8 tedious steps) They are:

  1. Copy the full URL of a tweet (
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the input text field
  4. Paste the URL
  5. Click on “Bake it”
  6. Click on the text area where the HTML code is created
  7. Select all text (press ctrl+a or cmd+a on a Mac)
  8. Copy (ctrl+c or cmd+c on a Mac)

Then paste the code wherever you want the status. The only thing I can say is it is better than a screenshot that you have to edit

Better is the Publitweet Bookmarklet, which you can use from your bookmarks

  1. Go to the URL of a tweet (!/AlecBaldwin/status/91483756870909952)
  2. Click on the bookmarklet (which you’ve installed from the link above)
  3. Copy (press ctrl+c or cmd+c on a Mac)
  4. Paste it where ever you want it

Here’s what it looks like (it will adapt to your css, it won’t throw off your template):

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Best is the Blackbird Plugin IF it will work with your webhost.

After you install the plugin, you get the status ID from twitter and embed the blackbird id in your post. Quick, one line input. But there are some problems with Twitter (Can’t explain why . . . haven’t figured it out )

To get the status ID number, click on the TIME on any tweet; you’ll get a page with just that tweet. Pick up the URL, or ID Number, or use the Blackbird Bookmarklet on that page.

I like that the bookmarklet changes the “2 mins ago” to the actual date the tweet was done.