I love having a computer with internet access to everyone in the world (it seems), and having a cell phone so that I can be reached by my children anywhere I go.

I also love the fact that they have cell phones so that they can be reached anywhere they go . . . well if they pick up the call.

There is, however,  a level of frustration that comes with cell phone use – for instance, the child who texts, and doesn’t talk.  If I’m in the car driving to pick her up from work, she’ll TEXT me with her location.  I’m not going to read her text and drive, so I’ve got to wait for a red light, or pull over.  So the decision is: Do I wait til I hit a red light, and then learn I’m going in the opposite direction from where I should be going?  OR Do I pull over only to find that she’s at Smoothie King, next door to her work?

The real question is, Why didn’t she call? She drives, she knows I’m driving and shouldn’t be reading text messages, so why not TALK?

I’m convinced if she needed 911, she’d text h-e-l-p.