Custom Facebook Pages with Easy FanPage Engine WordPress Plugin

Since Facebook took away FBML for static custom Facebook pages, we’ve all been looking for the fastest, best method for creating fanpages.  One that wouldn’t cost hundreds every month, be branded by someone else’s name and wouldn’t be hard to implement.

Far and away the slickest tool I’ve seen for the money is the Easy FanPage Engine WordPress Plugin which you can install on any wordpress site. It adds a section called FanPage to Posts and Pages. It includes a template that allows all the tabs you want, and has reveal code and comments built in.

There is plenty of training – lots of graphics – Easy Fanpage Engine makes sophisticated usable Facebook pages a snap.  Give it a try!  Click Here!

If you’re on a mobile device, use this to go to Easy FanPage Design and start making custom facebook pages today:

Easy FanPage Design WordPress Plugin