In this article, Bravo Digital Media’s Senior Vice President Lisa Hsia writes about how social media is reshaping the television business. Social media has opened up means for people to share real-time to practically anyone in the world, and that is helping quality television get more people engaged and watching.

Real-Time Participation Generates Buzz and More

[F]riends tell friends when things happen on the air, and that viral conversation turns TVs on,” says Hsia. At the core of it, what social media has done is to give TV viewers a voice and the power to influence programming and other audiences via this avenue for instantaneous feedback.

Bravo is still starting out on measuring and utilizing statistics that show how much social media use affect TV ratings. Yet the means available to them through social media measures not only the number of people who are tuned in, but also the sentiment of a specific group, with the help of tools such as the Trendrr dashboard and Sysomos.

“From Must-See TV to Must-Tweet TV”

Because the activity from social media is now easily archived and measured, social media is ever so inclined to influence the development of programming. The same tools mentioned above can be used to determine future programming decisions, such as whether to keep a program running for another season or not, or which pilot to develop going into a new season based on viewer votes.

Keeping the Conversation Going

Online conversation about a TV program typically increases during prime time and the day after airing. Naturally, the next step would be to get the discussion going all day, everyday, and this goal is what has inspired Bravo to create Bravo Talk Bubble and @BravoTV, where fans, producers, actors, and others invested in a program can keep the conversation going in a more meaningful way. What that also means for advertisers is an ongoing possibility of opening discussion about their own product.

Hsia recommends any TV network must strive to gain access to real-time conversation about shows, brands, and TV personalities to help in programming development and tap into its potential in keeping audiences engaged.

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