Google+ For Business PagesI hoped they’d verify my account soon!

Really, I think it is a cool idea that Google+ developed a “celebrity acquisition plan” to encourage high-profile users to join Google+.

Mark Milian, CNN

Being “verified” on Twitter has become something of a status symbol. It’s sought after among celebrities who take to the service.”

Jared Newman, the author of a Times Techland piece opines that the celeb thing could help Google’s fledgling network, but won’t help show off the network’s live-chat and list-sorting features. Apparently he finds those things more interesting than celebrities. Unfortunately everyone doesn’t. Celebrities are celebrities because because people want to snoop and see what they are doing; with a social media account one doesn’t have to snoop. It’s just out there.

Jared Newman, Times Techland

If [celebrities] invade Google+, it’ll give ordinary users the impression that the service is just another Twitter or Facebook. No one needs that.”

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