Google+ For Business PagesInternet Marketing is about having a roadsign on every path that your clients and readers may cross, not just the sign on big dog Google. So you’re probably already working Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and maybe YouTube.

I’m going to emphatically recommend that you get on Google+.

Wondering if you want to go all out and develop yet another social media presence when the first two or three may be taking up too much of your time? My experience has been that Google+ is interesting in and of itself; more engaging than Facebook, and perhaps more satisfying than Twitter in that there is a great ease in seeing comments and +1s to your content.

Why Google+ too?

Google worked hard on Google+ and it comes across very well as a slick and powerful platform that is growing and changing (for the better) all the time.

They’ve taken the best of Facebook and Twitter and added a couple of twists to make it a social experience you’ll most likely enjoy, while getting your message out.

Still Exclusive

Google+ is still invite only (Don’t have one? Let me know what your gmail is and I’ll invite you) so even with 10 million users, it is a small network compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. Google+ is now in TechCrunch’s  top 10 referring sites in spite of their Google+ presence being 1/10th the size of their Twitter and Facebook. Google+ referrals for my site were at twice the Facebook referrals within two days of my being on Google+.

New Traffic from Google+

  • Any new traffic source for your website is going to be a good thing, and with the oomph of Google behind it, it may turn in to your best source even while the total user number is small.
  • I can’t emphasize enough that comments and +1s bring your content up again and again in other streams of your circles, and that is very difficult to do on Facebook anymore.
  • I’m not advocating giving up your tweets or your FB posts, and going solely to to Google+; obviously you want to maintain the relationship you have with those readers as you gain more.

New guy on the block Google+ will change and grow as there are more users and Google+ starts having control and spam issues. You’ll never own your Facebook real estate or your space on Google+. It is an adjunct to your marketing efforts, it shouldn’t be your only effort.

My Google+ Profile is here Traci Gregory – add me to your circles!

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