I’m not running in the literal, virtual sense in that I’m leaving one actual place and going to another . . . only as far as finance is concerned, I’m running away as fast as I can go.

Well, I did just find an old friend in Belize . . . I may start there as a jumping off place and head further south. I have my eye on São Paulo, although my kiddos are entranced with Australia –

I made a lot of money in mortgage banking (hella money, my kids say), but I hated it every minute I was doing it, and the better the money got, the worse the job got. From where I sit now the people still in the mortgage business must be saints to live with it (And they are probably making HELLA money)

But it’s not for me. Not anymore.

I’ve decided to concentrate on writing – I have a book coming out in May, “The Secret Art of Rockstar Buzz” which I’m pretty pumped about.

The official site is http://artofrockstarbuzz.com. And, in leaving the mortgage business, I have absolutely no use for my website, Georgia Mortgage Money.Com, so I’ve decided to sell it.

Stats, rankings, etc., will be available to anyone with a real interest in the purchase. I’m considering financing it, should a “lone” officer want to buy it, rather than a company, but no promises . . . I want to get completely out of the biz, but that site has been up for 11 years, and in the good years, I made an average of $200K a year with it . . . Mostly loans, but some ads . . . not many, I assure you.

I didn’t have time to bother with them. If you’re interested in the website, email me: traci@tracigregory.com, and, if I can talk you into reading my RockStar Buzz blog, great! or following RockStar Buzz on Twitter I’ll be proud to have you.

Rock on,


Originally posted at  MortgageRedeaux.blogspot.com/2010/03/going-to-take-my-money-and-run.html