Peyton Manning Snowboards with David Beckham

As I write this, Peyton Manning Omaha, Snowboarding, and David Beckham are trending on Google (

Peyton Manning, Snowboarding, David Beckham

Realistically, we aren’t going to enter the Zeitgeist annals for Google search rankings unless we are Peyton Manning snowboarding with David Beckham …. and that would last about a day when we’d be replaced with something easily as silly.

Getting ahead of the Penguin/Cobra Google Updates

Google Penguin Updates

Google gives their updates innocuous names, Penguin and Hummingbird, which are harmless creatures, but I’d suggest Cobra or the Great White update. You know it is getting harder and harder to achieve Google search rankings to stay in front of the gazillion other sites on your subject. The Google Spam gods are working very had to rid the net of spam sites (hooray for them) but they’re hurting a lot of websites and the people who earn their livings from those sites while they work toward stamping out spam.

You can’t beat Google, you have to join them

Enough whining!  Every two years Moz Blog does a study looking for the qualities of websites with high search ranking.  This year the not so surprising info on search results is that Google +1s are a huge factor …

After Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. In fact, the correlation of Google +1s beat out other well known metrics including linking root domains, Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.

Combine that with the added oomph the “Search Plus Your World” update gave +1s and we have a Google monster that has to fed. Since Google merged search and Google+ the value of a +1 is exponentially stronger because it re-orders Google+ search results by the number of +1’s they receive.

Pinterest Agency BoardGot those Google +1 buttons up yet?

I first wrote about this in 2012 (!) SEO and Google+ and didn’t take my own advice … those +1 buttons didn’t go up on every page … You can be they’re on all my pages now and I recommend adding them to every client.

And while you’re admiring them, you could certainly give me a big Plus1 for this post.

– and if you’re interested, Google has a video of top searches for 2013: Google Zeitgeist 2013, which is really pretty cool.