The Website Friend or Follow is a great tool if you want to build your Twitter following, and tweak the tweets you follow . . .

The best thing they do is tell you who of your followers is not following you . . . Quite revealing, I might add. When I put my personal Twitter ID in their system the numbers of people who aren’t following me anymore was staggering . . . and I’ll admit, I was a little miffed at some of the people who weren’t following me anymore. Seemed personal, you know? I’m not interesting enough for you?

I’m really (really) talkative in person, but I tweet sparingly.

Maybe they thought I’d stopped altogether and that’s why they stopped following me.

At any rate, when I saw the 750 people NOT following me, you can bet your ass, I’m no longer following them. Well, there are a few people I’ll still follow.

Brian Clark, CopyBlogger, for instance, is someone I won’t give up – I love his blog: copyblogger (You may have guessed, huh?) [follow Brian on Twitter; read him at copyblogger]

The BBC, The New York Times

. . . ummm, they haven’t heard of me yet, so I’ll keep them, too.

My Fans page shows the people following me, that I’m not following . . . not a huge number, well under a thousand, and my goal is to grow it to 5,000 in the next month.

And lastly, 1,143 people I follow follow me.

Really, can we keep up with the tweets of 1,143 people? Or even 1,000?

Of course not. The goal is to have thousands of people following you, your web guru-ness, and learning those things you have to offer.

More Twitter tools for the next few days. There are a ton and they will all help you be the best tweeter you can be!

Rock On,


PS – Unfollowing those 750 people took days, by the way . . . incredibly boring activity.