FBML Static Application Gone for Good

If you are in any way connected to the internet, involved in social media and doing Facebook pages, you’re aware of the frenzy surrounding Zuck’s annuncement that the static FBML pages are gone …

Gone like a freight-train, gone like yesterday
Gone like a soldier in the civil war, bang bang
Gone like a ’59 Cadillac
Like all the good things that ain’t never coming back

Gone, circa 2004, Montgomery Gentry

People are scrambling all over the world to find a decent replacement to the ease of putting together a good FBML page in the iframe world, and there just isn’t one.  Advice abounds from all directions, including the developers data at Facebook. Getting it out of FB, though, is a strenuous job, and everyone doesn’t want to do it, or goes brain dead trying to read how to string the stuff together so that it works like you want it to.

Fixes, Cures, Templates

Even I wrote a tutorial for a private audience that was a pretty big hit.  Sold about 1,000 copies in under 12 days.  I guess that’s a hit.  And, the only complaint I got was that it was too hard. People couldn’t follow the screenshots, and work through the maze the fb gods have given us with iframes.

Add to that the constant changes going on at fb, and pages are currently a real headache.

Don’t think I’m complaining about the service level from fb.  I’m not.  I’m sure there are a lot of people over there who wish the static FBML still worked because this iframes thing has created problems NO ONE thought of.

In addition to writing my own tutorial, I’ve bought most of the ‘templates’ packages and promotions that other people began selling after mine hit the racks.  I’ll be reviewing them over the next week or so, and posting pages I’ve made with their products so you can see for yourself how they work out.

Easy FanPage WordPress PlugIn

A tool I’m really pumped about is the Easy FanPage WordPress PlugIn, which you can read about in this post.

I’d have to say, I Love this PlugIn!

You can buy a users license, or a developer’s license if you do Custom Facebook Pages for clients.  Check it out here

If you’re on a mobile device, use this to go to Easy FanPage Design and start making custom facebook pages today:

Easy FanPage Design WordPress Plugin