Paid content on the WSJ Main Site, and Facebook Content on the Social site?

WSJ Social On Facebook

I’m not so sure about the Wall Street Journal going social on Facebook . . . Really, if you read the WSJ, you know where to get it, you know how to get it.  It is sort of offputting for me that the Wall Street Journal is developing a Facebook page of articles that are chosen by facebook users who like articles . . . WSJ Social

Facebook Subscribe Button: Can you say Google+ Circles?

Facebook SubscribeFacebook has added a Facebook subscribe button that allows you to get the feed of anyone you want, without the ‘friend’ attribution. (Don’t Google+ Circles allow that already?  Of course.)

Google+ vs. Facebook: Google+ winning the race

Google+ For Business PagesFacebook users say it leaves a  lot to be desired

According to the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index, Facebook is the least beloved of the major social networks,. Only two-thirds of users said they are happy with Facebook, giving the network the lowest rating in its category.

Analyst Scott Ellison

Social is deceivingly fluid and Google+ is proving that.”

Business from Facebook: Funeral Homes

Facebook Business from Funeral HomesDeath & Taxes? Well, death anyway, has come to Facebook in Funeral Home business

64% of funeral homes who responded to a survey by Expressing Sympathy Advisory Council said they’d gotten business through contact on their Facebook pages.

The ESAC also published that

  • 67% of responding funeral homes have used social networking services
  • 44% said Facebook had the greatest impact on their businesses
  • 13% attributed business to YouTube (horrors!) and LinkedIn
  • 3% gave credit to Twitter and Myspace

Anthony Kaniuk, ESAC member & associate publisher at Kates-Boylston Publications

More and more funeral homes are recognizing the importance of building an online presence for themselves. When you lose a loved one, you are at your most vulnerable, and many people are using the Internet (Facebook) to research their options. It absolutely makes sense for funeral directors to get online and let people know they are there for them.

Would you research Facebook or YouTube to plan a funeral?

How to: Traffic from Facebook, part 1 of 2

Continuing in my heretical vein

Lets look at two things: Why Facebook even has free pages, and What Facebook people do with them.

Why Facebook has free pages for businesses

If you haven’t read The Facebook Effect, by David Kirkpatrick, and you are doing business on Facebook, I recommend you read it, just to understand the philosophy you have embraced.  If you don’t have a copy handy, I’m going to quote a paragraph or two to get your attention.  The boy billionaire did not get where he is today giving away goodies. Not really.  He has been generating income for some time, and his investors (in the hundreds of millions of dollars) are interested in income too.

How to: Promotions on Facebook

Facebook SubscribeFacebook heresy

I’m going to commit Facebook heresy here and opine that the only people making money on Facebook (or off Facebook, if you want to take a more jaded view) are

  • the Zuck crew (Facebook itself),
  • brands that are already household words (Victoria’s Secret, for instance), and
  • people selling products to create a Facebook presence (I’m one of those)

I have a lot of clients who want to be on Facebook, because they see Facebook statistics like this:

Facebook user statistics june 2011

And they want to be in front of those 500,000,000 Facebook users.

What they don’t understand is that those 500,000,000 users have posts that are getting ahead of the message my clients are putting out!  Facebook is designed to be a moving, roiling, living thing, where updates are instant and whatever was posted five minutes ago has scrolled off-screen.  And if that weren’t enough, the Facebook gods have adjusted the display algorithms so that custom Facebook page messages are at the bottom of the heap.  Literally.

Real-Time Activity of Facebook Users

Facebook post activity june 2011

You’ve really got to have something to compete with 30,000,000,000 other posts.  Whattya got??

And, half the users on Facebook are on mobile devices:

Facebook statistics for mobile devices june 2011

You’re kidding yourself if you think these people are reading your posts.  They are POSTING to their facebook profiles, uploading photos and responding to messages they get from people the Facebook gods have deigned to place in their stream.  Comments on their posts, direct messages, when their posts are liked . . . IF they have that notification set up.  In reality, they may only be Posting to Facebook, not reading it.

Are you giving up on Facebook?

No Way.  I’m going to suggest that you use Facebook for what it is and leverage the strength of all those numbers up there to your advantage by making some changes to your website.

I’m talking about OpenGraph and the like button technology that Facebook introduced with Social Plugins. You can add these to websites, WordPress Blogs, even .mobi sites.  And they will bring you traffic.

Next up: Facebook to Page Creators: If You Can’t Run with the Big Dogs, Stay on the Porch!

Valentine's Day Custom Facebook FanPage Giveaway

I decided to hold a contest for Valentines’ Day, and give away a Custom Facebook Page to the person who “gives me the best pitch” on Facebook.  I did a cool (top right) graphic touting the giveaway, and added Facebook’s Comments Code to the FBML Page I made called Valentines.

The theory here is that people will post comments to win the custom page and have it made for their wife or girlfriend, or husband, or boyfriend, or whomever!! And the comments will feed to their stream and ‘virally’ carry me throughout the Facebook Nation.  In truth, the Facebook comments command is hinky now that they have added the checkbox to approve having the comments go viral.  Sometimes they hit the stream, sometimes they don’t.  And if they do, there is a huge time lag, it isn’t even in the same solar system as the comments we post on walls.

Nevertheless, I’m in the spirit, so since my comments weren’t working the way the Facebook gods say they should, I had to find another way to promote my contest, or I won’t get to build a kick-ass custom page and give it away for free to someone for their Valentines Day Facebook Page.

Enter Profile Banner App

I go to warrior forums at least once a day to see what is going on, what is new, and if I can add to the conversation at all.  Today the first thing I saw was a YouTube video from a smart lady, Letty Washington, describing a banner that you can install across your profile – the place that usually displays five of your latest photos.  I’m sure you’ve seen the cool things people have done with those spaces.  I decided it was the perfect place for more attention to my contest.

You can choose one of theirs banners, or . . . design your own banner.  485 x 68, upload and you’re in business.

Use the Profile Banner Application

You allow them access to your page, upload your file, or use one of theirs, and hit install.  That’s it.

After I installed it, this is what my facebook profile looks like.  Oh, Yeah.

It is probably sinful how proud I am of that little trick.

Use it! Whether you want to promote your brand, or affix permanent photos to your profile. It is a great control.

In Facebook Nation it is hard to stand out of the crowd (something I’ve done all my life here in real life) and I despise conformity being forced on me just because Zuckerman is color blind and can only see blue and shades of gray. (I understand that he doesn’t want this to look like MySpace. Who would??) Just sayin’.

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