Facebook SubscribeFacebook has added a Facebook subscribe button that allows you to get the feed of anyone you want, without the ‘friend’ attribution. (Don’t Google+ Circles allow that already?  Of course.)

Subscribe and select your stream

According to Facebook you’ve always been subscribed to your friends. And now, you can hear from anyone if you click the Subscribe button on their profile.

You can chose all their updates, most of their updates, or only “Important” updates.

Sounds like Google+ Circles to me

The Facebook crowd always seemed pretty smug about their position as The Social Network (emphasis on the), but these latest changes lend the appearance that the Facebook gods are somewhat concerned abut losing traffic to Google+.

It could be that they just want to offer the best experience to the masses, irrelevant of other social media networks.

Nah, they’ve noticed Google+.

Allow Subscriptions to Your Page

Actually, people can’t just willy nilly get your subscription.  You have to approve having subscriptions to your page, and then anyone can subscribe.

Allow Subscriptions on your Facebook here:  http://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe

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