I use Facebook on a limited basis for my personal life.  I enjoy seeing what other people have to say (some of the time) and try to remember that all these people wanted other people looking at their lives, or they wouldn’t post it on Facebook.  Meaning I’m not a voyeur, even if this stuff makes me feel like one.

There is a larger difference in me and them that is illuminated by the lunch I had with my 23 year-old-daughter (the one on the dean’s list at GSU).

I made a salad with spring greens and grilled salmon.  I added a balsamic vinaigrette. She added croutons, raisins, pecans and a fresh peach before the balsamic.

I put a fork in my salad, and she opened up her MAC, pointed the screen at her plate, and posted a picture on Facebook.



There’s a scene in the movie Hostage where intruders in a home invasion trigger the alarm.  One of the intruders, looking at the windows being covered and bars going across the doors, remarks disparagingly, “fucking rich people.”  These are people he doesn’t understand.  Will never understand.

Bruce Willis, the cop who will save the day, watches the same security activity from the outside and murmurs (equally disparaging, because he doesn’t get them either),   “fucking rich people.”

Perhaps you get my drift.