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Daily Digest 1.31.12

From the pubs I read yesterday:

$25K for a Slick Brand Page For Your Business On Twitter

<> Guess I won’t get 1 this week 🙁

Snickers, Twitter, And The Problem Of Compliance in the UK

grassfed-gheeGrass-Fed Ghee is the perfect expression of buttery goodness. shop now and see what all the hype is about!

<> Didn’t immediately reveal they were sponsored tweets

Daily Digest 1.28.12

From the pubs I read today:

Brad Pitt enters Social Media on Google+Brad Pitt Joins Social Media on Google +, Skips Facebook, Twitter

His first foray into social media was a post about his Make It Right venture in New Orleans on Google+.

Daily Digest 1.27.12

From the pubs I read every day:

A Site to Help Soothe the Sting of Break Ups

We help people find out why their relationship ended. <> #RUKiddinMe?