From the pubs I read today:

Brad Pitt enters Social Media on Google+Brad Pitt Joins Social Media on Google +, Skips Facebook, Twitter

His first foray into social media was a post about his Make It Right venture in New Orleans on Google+.

WARREN BUFFETT asks, What’s a Kardashian?

Tells Time Magazine:

I’ve seen her name, but I wouldn’t be able to tell what she does but put her name in the paper.”

<> We should all be so lucky

Awesome compilation of Barney Frank moments:

A Video produced by Ben Craw.

7 Big Privacy Concerns for #FB’s Open Graph

Mashable lists big privacy problems with Facebook’s Open Graph <> I’ve got issues with all of them.

Twitter’s New Censorship Policy Is Good 4 Activists

Mashable explains that now Twitter can remove a tweet in country but show it to the world.

The Shadow Banking System: A Web of Financial Fraud | Common Dreams:

More on why the mortgage meltdown got so bad . . . can you tell I’m still miffed?

The FBI Might Be Monitoring Your Social Networks

Big Brother is watching everything and Facebook is helping track your movements with Open Graph (above) <>even scarier is the info they go for in search warrants after they’ve stalked your social media . . .

The Complete Guide To Editing Videos With The New YouTube Video Editor

From Social Times

YouTube Rolls Out Updates To Video Editor

Great info from Social Times on the latest and greatest with YouTube’s Video Editor.