From the pubs I read every day:

A Site to Help Soothe the Sting of Break Ups

We help people find out why their relationship ended. <> #RUKiddinMe?

BofA, Rivals Try to Get In on Groupon’s Game

The Sex Diaries Project: What 1,500 Bedroom Diaries Can Teach Us About Sex

Are we really this voyeuristic? <> Sex Diaries web project is now a book.

The Sex Diaries Project

Consumer Review Nightmares

The Year of the Social Predator Has Arrived <> professional complainer explains his philosophy

Jazzy QR Codes

Ted Baker QR CodeExcellent marketing ideas for ‘boring’ QR codes: Hubze Blog <> Hint: they don’t have 2 B boring anymore! Jazz ’em up w/color & pix

Facebook User Hypocrisy – Privacy Issues

WSJ discusses the ‘hypocrisy of #FB users regarding privacy issues” <> timeline concerns

Do you really want #FB to be your callilng card to the world? Mashable talks to #FB about social graph goals.