If the coffee you drink could change the world, would you change the coffee you drink?

I’ve just met some people that I’m really happy to know, the folks at LaEsperanza Farms, a coffee grower in Venezuela.Our first trip to Venezuela

They have several things going for them . . . one of which is they have fresher coffee than you’ve ever tasted, unless you visit coffee plantations!

Whether you call it coffee, cafe, Kaffe, or a cup of joe; whether you prefer brewed, french press, cappucino, expresso, turkish, or any of the many ways it is prepared; whether you get your coffee from Starbucks™, Dunkin Donuts™, your local roaster, or the Internet, Harvest fresh coffee will give you a whole new appreciation for a fine cup of coffee.

The other thing going for them is that ALL their profits go to support African relief. that’s the reason this is their logo

It is their goal to change the world. Want to help? Shop for coffees . . . delivered to your door. Fresher coffee than you’ve ever tasted.

Buy for your home, for your office, for gifts.

Buy it to change the face of the world.