Client Showcase: Kingsley Cleaning Service

Today I’m working on a low budget campaign to promote a local cleaning service.  I’m trying to hit all the high spots:

  • Craigs List
  • Tumblr.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

I’m putting ads on Craig’s List in different towns that they’ll service, started a quick and dirty (get the joke?) blog; and am scheduling tweets and Facebook posts during the day to generate interest, and of course, syndicated posts from here.

I hope to have them on Google before the day is out for local ‘cleaning services’.  We’ll see how that goes!

Their service is straightforward:

Kingsley Cleaning Service (404) 671-6113

$75 CLEANS ANY ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT in Sandy Springs for the month of September!


Floors (carpets vacuumed, all others swept/mopped)

Surfaces (dusted, wiped, polished)

Windows (cleaned on inside; window treatments dusted)

Kitchen (counters, cabinets, sink, all appliances, and floor)

Bathroom (counter, sink, mirrors, toilet, bathtub/shower, floor)

Baseboards, chair rails & ceiling fans dusted. Cob webs removed.

I provide all cleaning products and supplies.

One time or recurring cleanings.

Call Marko (404) 671-6113

$75 is the flat rate for all one bedroom apartments in Marietta through the month of September; call for free quotes on townhouses, houses and businesses.

And their cleaning service area is limited to Marietta, Smyrna, Vinings, Powder Springs, Sandy Springs, Atlanta.

Client Showcase: My Reptile Guys

I have just begun working with some very cool people – they are known online as ‘MyReptileGuys.Com‘ and they bring lots of interesting animals to birthday parties and other get togethers in and around Atlanta.

We’re doing some very light stuff on their web page – really light: keyword density, that sort of thing.  The designer Art Casado is an artistic genius.  He didn’t need any help from me . . .  and we’re promoting their YouTube video – check it out:

They do parties, jungle, expedition and safari levels; they go to schools, camps, and people’s houses! In addition to having the coolest party ever, you can print your invitations on their website (in their jungle motif) and have a great time touching and holding all sorts of reptiles: Bearded Dragon, snakes, including a Burmese Python, a Red-footed Tortoise, a Plated Lizard, and (my favorite) a Giant Green Iguana.  Don’t take my word for it, watch the vid; visit their site!  MyReptileGuys.Com, and call them for your next party!

Client Spotlight: cerjoUSA

I’m really excited to be working for cerjoUSA.

Well known Swiss Sunglasses Company

Cerjo has long been the leading sunglass brand in Switzerland, but doesn’t have a large following in the United States.  In the early 60s, the BaByliss brand (created by a Parisian stylist from Montmartre district) began to export hair care products and cerjoSA (the Swiss Company) became one of its first distributors.

Then, in the early 70s, cerjoSA developed the sunglasses industry with emphasis on optimal quality/price ratio. Their success was immediate – cerjoSA has been the leader of the sunglasses’ mid-market for many years in Switzerland. (Mid-market being defined by Oakleys and Ray-Bans)

cerjoUSA becomes a reality

During an extended stay in Switzerland, Deborah Powers, who is cerjoUSA, bought sunglasses.  In fact she bought several pairs (six) over the period of a few months and noticed that when she bought sunglasses, they were consistently cerjo.  Living in Canada at the time, she was aware that the cerjo brand was not available in the United States or Canada and set out take the brand home.

Viola: cerjoUSA.

Social cerjoUSA

Now that cerjoUSA is in place, the idea is to market via the internet, and that means build brand recognition and a presence in online communities to introduce people to the quality of cerjo sunglasses for both sport and fashion, and give their communities a real feel for the integrity and history of the company, cerjo, and to make them familiar with the ‘cerjo look’, which I think is  quite sexy.

We’re going to do a modest revision to their website which is slick and pretty, but perhaps doesn’t drive sales the way it could and should.  We’re going to rev up their Facebook presence (Of Course!), and add to their Twitter presence using coupons as an incentive for both fans and sales.  We are also looking at sporting events we may attend to showcase that sexy cerjo look, and other events that may may attract our client base.

Get in on the good stuff!

Like cerjoUSA on facebook to keep up with sexy cerjo, get coupons, and find out when we’re attending or hosting events you may be interested in!  Or to make it easy for you, you can hit the like button I’ve installed here, and it will ask you to log in to facebook and you can ‘like’ them here.


Follow cerjoUSA on Twitter . . . because there are specials there, too!

And stay posted for more cerjoUSA news.

Other articles in this series:

Client Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Alexander

Client Spotlight: Indulge with AniciaB

Client Spotlight: Dr. Thomas Alexander

Dr. Thomas Alexander is in my client spotlight today . . . And I want to thank him for giving me a shot at being his social media manager. Tom came to me as a referral from AniciaB because he wanted to update his blog.

He has great information on health and well-being, but he wanted a better presentation and social media interaction with his patients and the world. He knew his blog could reach a lot of people and Anicia wanted to see that he did it right.

Harmonia Wellness then

His blog did need a lot of work.  In fact, I just started over with a new url, ThomasAlexanderMD.Com, and a whole new look using the thesis framework.

Anicia had designed his new business card, so that was the starting point for everything.  We tweaked the design of his blog together til it had the look he wanted and then set out to replicate that look in his newsletter and his Facebook page.

It wasn’t always easy.  Because I’m publishing a book called The Secret Art of RockStar Buzz, I used the phrase “blog like a Rock Star” a lot.  So with that in his head, and Anicia extolling the virtues of Facebook “Fan” Pages, one day he threw up his hands and said, “I don’t want to be a RockStar!  I don’t want to be a celebrity doctor.  I want to connect with people and help them.  His motto is:  Inspiring Excellent Health.

He totally meant what he said.

I had to rethink my strategy . . . blogging like a RockStar might not be the goal of everyone I wanted to work with.  It is a phrase I identify with, but everyone who knows me will describe me as, well, a little bit out there.

I’m not so artistic as to be missing an ear, but I do think creative types (me being on of them) aren’t just regular guys.  I wrote a post called “I don’t want to be a RockStar” in honor of Dr. Alexander, because he had valid points and I had to honestly re-evaluate my approach.

When we got past the vernacular, which was the real problem, we went back to work on his blog, his newsletter, and his Facebook page, all of which I’m proud.

We used mail chimp for his newsletter, it is free up to 3,000 mailings, it is slick, incorporates your social media and keeps track of mailings, deliveries, and click throughs, so Dr. Alexander knows how effective his email campaign is.

He is faithful to his commitment to send a weekly newsletter every Wednesday and his numbers are going up nicely.

He posts articles regularly at ThomasAlexanderMD.Com and I’m happy with the numbers of hits he’s getting with a brand new blog.

We’ve just published his Facebook page, so I’d ask all of you to look it over and click that like button! He may not want to be a celebrity doctor, but he does want to connect with as wide an audience as possible.

Twitter is next on our list.  I’m getting him on TweetAdder so that he can focus his followers, and focus on their needs.  His twitter is, so you can sign up to follow his tweets now.

Dr. Alexander takes questions in his comments section of the blog, through direct messages on twitter, and through the contact form on his site, so pick his brain.

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