I have just begun working with some very cool people – they are known online as ‘MyReptileGuys.Com‘ and they bring lots of interesting animals to birthday parties and other get togethers in and around Atlanta.

We’re doing some very light stuff on their web page – really light: keyword density, that sort of thing.  The designer Art Casado is an artistic genius.  He didn’t need any help from me . . .  and we’re promoting their YouTube video – check it out:

They do parties, jungle, expedition and safari levels; they go to schools, camps, and people’s houses! In addition to having the coolest party ever, you can print your invitations on their website (in their jungle motif) and have a great time touching and holding all sorts of reptiles: Bearded Dragon, snakes, including a Burmese Python, a Red-footed Tortoise, a Plated Lizard, and (my favorite) a Giant Green Iguana.  Don’t take my word for it, watch the vid; visit their site!  MyReptileGuys.Com, and call them for your next party!