Friend or Follow || How to Test your Twitter

The Website Friend or Follow is a great tool if you want to build your Twitter following, and tweak the tweets you follow . . .

The best thing they do is tell you who of your followers is not following you . . . Quite revealing, I might add. When I put my personal Twitter ID in their system the numbers of people who aren’t following me anymore was staggering . . . and I’ll admit, I was a little miffed at some of the people who weren’t following me anymore. Seemed personal, you know? I’m not interesting enough for you?

I’m really (really) talkative in person, but I tweet sparingly.

Maybe they thought I’d stopped altogether and that’s why they stopped following me.

At any rate, when I saw the 750 people NOT following me, you can bet your ass, I’m no longer following them. Well, there are a few people I’ll still follow.

Brian Clark, CopyBlogger, for instance, is someone I won’t give up – I love his blog: copyblogger (You may have guessed, huh?) [follow Brian on Twitter; read him at copyblogger]

The BBC, The New York Times

. . . ummm, they haven’t heard of me yet, so I’ll keep them, too.

My Fans page shows the people following me, that I’m not following . . . not a huge number, well under a thousand, and my goal is to grow it to 5,000 in the next month.

And lastly, 1,143 people I follow follow me.

Really, can we keep up with the tweets of 1,143 people? Or even 1,000?

Of course not. The goal is to have thousands of people following you, your web guru-ness, and learning those things you have to offer.

More Twitter tools for the next few days. There are a ton and they will all help you be the best tweeter you can be!

Rock On,


grassfed-gheeGrass-Fed Ghee is the perfect expression of buttery goodness. shop now and see what all the hype is about!

PS – Unfollowing those 750 people took days, by the way . . . incredibly boring activity.

Going to take my mortgage money and run!

I’m not running in the literal, virtual sense in that I’m leaving one actual place and going to another . . . only as far as finance is concerned, I’m running away as fast as I can go.

Well, I did just find an old friend in Belize . . . I may start there as a jumping off place and head further south. I have my eye on São Paulo, although my kiddos are entranced with Australia –

I made a lot of money in mortgage banking (hella money, my kids say), but I hated it every minute I was doing it, and the better the money got, the worse the job got. From where I sit now the people still in the mortgage business must be saints to live with it (And they are probably making HELLA money)

But it’s not for me. Not anymore.

I’ve decided to concentrate on writing – I have a book coming out in May, “The Secret Art of Rockstar Buzz” which I’m pretty pumped about.

The official site is And, in leaving the mortgage business, I have absolutely no use for my website, Georgia Mortgage Money.Com, so I’ve decided to sell it.

Stats, rankings, etc., will be available to anyone with a real interest in the purchase. I’m considering financing it, should a “lone” officer want to buy it, rather than a company, but no promises . . . I want to get completely out of the biz, but that site has been up for 11 years, and in the good years, I made an average of $200K a year with it . . . Mostly loans, but some ads . . . not many, I assure you.

I didn’t have time to bother with them. If you’re interested in the website, email me:, and, if I can talk you into reading my RockStar Buzz blog, great! or following RockStar Buzz on Twitter I’ll be proud to have you.

Rock on,


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Higher credit scores needed for FHA Loans

FHA guidelines we’ve been told to look forward to in the Spring are

  • The requirement for higher credit scores to qualify for the low down payment option. In fact, scores under 600 may knock you out of the running immediately; and it isn’t just FHA loans, it is also conventional mortgage loans.
  • Higher mortgage insurance premiums. The upfront mortgage insurance premium will go from 1.75% to 2.25%.
  • Fewer seller concession. Historically six percent seller concessions were acceptable across the board, FHA and conventional. Now the FHA is expected to allow only a three percent contribution from the seller.

So, in order to get a mortgage, you’re going to need more cash (higher down payment and covering the closing costs with reduced assist from the seller) and, maybe even more importantly, a higher credit score. Look for articles on upping your score here in the next few weeks. We’re doing a ten part newsletter called “Credit Score Survival for the American Consumer”.

As for having more money . . . Well, we’re all working on that one, aren’t we!

Credit Card Reform of 2010

Today a law goes into effect that could actually help your financial profile.  The credit card reform laws are designed to protect consumers, and they may in fact do so.

  • A newly opened account must keep the opening interest rate for 12 months; if it changes after the first 12 months, it is only for future purchases, not the balance you may be carrying for your first year’s purchases. Delinquencies on the account, hardship arrangements on past dues may be exceptions, so pay those bills on time.
  • College kids will find it harder to get credit (HOORAY). You’ll probably need a co-signer or a job that will pay enough to support your bill.
  • Over-limit fees are out of the ballgame unless you opted to have the protection and consent to pay for it.
  • If you don’t like the new terms on your credit card, opt out of the contract. They can close your account, but you will be given options regarding paying off the debt.
  • Changes to the terms of your agreement must be given to you 45 days in advance, instead of the previous 15.
  • Your bill is now due on the same date every month. No more calculating billing period from month to month!
  • Universal default, raising your interest rate on one card because you were late on other bills, is out the door.
  • Statements must be mailed 21 days ahead of the due date.

These are very positive changes to the way the American Consumer has been treated in the past. Use the assist wisely!

coffee and change . . .

If the coffee you drink could change the world, would you change the coffee you drink?

I’ve just met some people that I’m really happy to know, the folks at LaEsperanza Farms, a coffee grower in Venezuela.Our first trip to Venezuela

They have several things going for them . . . one of which is they have fresher coffee than you’ve ever tasted, unless you visit coffee plantations!

Whether you call it coffee, cafe, Kaffe, or a cup of joe; whether you prefer brewed, french press, cappucino, expresso, turkish, or any of the many ways it is prepared; whether you get your coffee from Starbucks™, Dunkin Donuts™, your local roaster, or the Internet, Harvest fresh coffee will give you a whole new appreciation for a fine cup of coffee.

The other thing going for them is that ALL their profits go to support African relief. that’s the reason this is their logo

It is their goal to change the world. Want to help? Shop for coffees . . . delivered to your door. Fresher coffee than you’ve ever tasted.

Buy for your home, for your office, for gifts.

Buy it to change the face of the world.

The Art of RockStar Buzz

Read “Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself ” by David Seaman and then, when you realize that doing everything in that book will be a full time job, come back and get professional help here.

Ten years web design, graphic, authoring experience. We will design your website start to finish. We will design your WordPress site with the Thesis theme framework and you won’t believe your eyes.

Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention for Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself

Your blog represents . . . You

Your blog is the most personal thing you will ever show the world.

Present anyway you want, most of the people who see it will never see you. If your blog’s job is to promote you and generate revenue, then you are going to meet people. Via phone, email, or in person.

And, any way you look at it, if your blog is your paycheck, you want to present the very best, most professional image possible, as well as showing off the edge you have on the work you do (and that includes displaying some “edginess” in your presentation). So, are you going to buy one of those canned websites that everyone else in your profession has? Google “mortgage broker”, or “real estate agent”; you’ll get a thousand iterations of the same brand because sales people know they have to have a web presence, but they don’t have the knowledge, or time to hone their skills, so they load their credit card information into a self-replicating web-site purchase engine, get their log-on and password and put in their contact details, and maybe their photo, and sit back and wait for the business to roll in.

Come on, do you really think that will work webmagic for you?

I know it is easy and I also know it isn’t always cheap. But even if it was cheap and easy, would it be in anyone’s best interest? Probably Not. Making a splash on the internet, really creating buzz for your business, giving your pages GoogleJuice? For that you do need time, along with the knowledge of not only what you need but how to get it, some money, but probably not as much as you’d think to launch a blog and make it powerful enough to create webmagic, managed social networking for the best viral marketing campaign you can create. And don’t forget,while you’re doing all that, you need to create fresh content for your blog readers, as their numbers grow.

So you need on the short list, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter.

You need to start publishing those articles to e-zines, and you need to make sure you feed is available in at 57 variations for everyone out there because you never know what they’ll want. Well not 57, but sufficient choices. an RSS feed, an email option, do you want to also use Atom? Decisions, decisions, but hurry, cos those articles are still waiting . . . .

Apture Plugin

I recently read that the apture plugin is a great boon to word press bloggers.

You are able to insert media, like so:  Slick, easy, and pretty, to boot.

Mortgage Rescue or Mortgage Rip-Off!

The other shoe: Commercial Crisis in Financial Markets Looming

Read in the The Wall Street Journal reports that commercial-real-estate may be ready to deliver “a roundhouse punch to the U.S. economy just as it struggles to get up off the mat.” Mortgage-backed securities failing due to foreclosures brought us the 2008 financial crisis, and now $700 billion in commercial-mortgage-backed securities appear to be about to fail. The delinquency rate in was July six times the rate at the same time last year, and these loans are hard to refinance. At the close of 2012, $153 billion in loans in commercial mortgage backed securities will be due, and nearly $100 billion worth will have problems getting refinanced. Read it at The Wall Street Journal