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1,000,000 twitter applications and growing?

Twitter reported today, July 11, that they now have more than 1 million registered third-party Twitter applications. That is up from 150,000 registered applications one year ago. They say there are more than 750,000 developers world-wide in their developer community. I hope they aren’t counting people like me, who’ve added hovercards and a twitter box to my website as a ‘twitter developer.’

If they are counting people like us who’ve added tricks to our websites, these numbers are grossly overstated . . . but with quotes like this one, ya kinda have to consider my website may be one of the million+ applications.

from the official twitter blog

“A new app is registered every 1.5 seconds, fueling a spike in ecosystem growth in the areas of analytics, curation and publisher tools.”

In conjunction with the announcement, Twitter is also releasing a new Twitter Developer site.

I think I’ll release the “Definitive Guide to Twitter . . . How to Find Your Way around 1,000,000 Twitter applications, and which ones will really do something for you!”