So, you want to promote “Brand You”? And, You want to “Crush It”?

You’d better get started now, honey, half the universe is already ahead of the curve. If you don’t understand the synchronicity of social with SEO; if you don’t have the time to be your own Social Media PR Machine, or just want direction in where, how, when, and how much, you’re in the right place. We’re a virtual company: I’m primarily in Atlanta, but you could find me in Los Angeles or NYC. We build custom brands for individuals and companies, and design publicity and promotions to build targeted audiences and keep them informed, amused, entertained. Engaged. We also handle reputation management, known in some circles as damage control.

Services include useful assistance in SEO efforts, professional videos for your website or YouTube account. Social Media campaigns in  Google+, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube campaigns; copy writing functions for website pages and blog posts.  Workable and attractive mobile websites and applications for small to medium businesses; mobile text marketing.

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† note: “Brand You” and “Crush It” are copywritten works by Tom Peters and Gary Vaynerchuk, respectively